Offbeat name is being investigated

now every entrepreneur wants their own shop name has more features, more attractive, so all kinds of names are constantly appeared all sorts of strange things. Indeed, the business people want to shop for their own or a loud name of the company, hoping to attract the attention of the masses, but also for the future of business to discuss a". For this reason, the name of the store will be people’s attention, but does not mean that the name of the shop can go beyond the norm".

recently, such as "he fuckball" and "rounds", "non zone" let some people find it difficult to accept the offbeat name appear constantly, although the name has been part of the business sector to stop, but the hidden behind the many violate social morality, laws and regulations, tradition and other issues, are it is worth pondering. read more




马里奥网球公开赛的特殊游戏模式将让你完善你的技能并享受网球比赛与马里奥捻。你会去检查游戏,如超级马里奥网球,这使得一个经典的超级Mario Bros.扭网球钻。当你在玩熟悉的游戏关卡,你可以使用你的网球挥拍跺脚Goombas,沿途koopas





这肯定听起来像一个有趣的任天堂旋网球,就看3D是什么好有趣。你们怎么想让我们知道通过下面的评论部分。 read more

Car cleaning machine ten brands list

in the increasingly serious pollution of the environment, the car needs to be cleaned regularly, so there will be a car washing machine and other tools and equipment. Moreover, because people’s growing demand, leading to the industry’s brand is more and more. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten car washing machine brand rankings, which can give consumers more reference.

car washing machine ten brands list 1 digcher:


brand is Beijing digcher digcher cleaning equipment limited company’s flagship brand, Beijing digcher Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994, main products are: high pressure cleaning machine, cleaning machine, hot and cold water pressure washer, washing machine parts, high pressure cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, industrial vacuum cleaners, industrial cleaning the water absorption machine, industrial washing machines, sweeping machines, high pressure cleaning system, polysilicon breaking Taiwan, polysilicon reduction bell cleaning system and other products. Today, the rapid rise of clean equipment in the field of cleaning equipment, the company in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi’an, Wuhan and other major cities have branches and offices. read more

Xining city window units service standards have a Yinggang gang

in order to strengthen the construction of Xining City e-government system, optimize the public service safeguard function, improve administrative efficiency, improve service quality, the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection recently formulated the "opinions" about carrying out the standardization work in the service window units, to carry out service standardization construction work in the city window unit.

views the implementation of work responsibilities, work requirements and fulfill the Shouwenfuze system, disposable inform system, time limit system and service promise system to meet the requirements of the masses service needs and business characteristics of the standard. Public service standards include open basis, open content, open range, open forms, open procedures, open time, public responsibility and public scrutiny of transparent power operation, convenient masses and supervision standards; service management standards including attendance, job responsibilities, business learning and training management, assessment, security and logistical support organization operation management matters standards; service supervision standards include post power restriction, honest and norms, legal responsibility, daily supervision and inspection, complaint channels, complaints reply, accountability and strengthen the supervision of service standards; to create a standard including the creation of service brand extension and optimize service processes, service, service brand the promotion of the standard. read more

Pull out of poverty poverty village kenyinggutou

2015, our province is one of the provinces to enjoy the country’s preferential policies for poverty alleviation; in 2015, the province has come up with an exciting poverty report card: the annual goal of 200 thousand people out of poverty has been successfully completed.

five years, the province invested 9 billion 500 million yuan of special poverty relief funds, to achieve poverty reduction of more than one million people, an annual reduction of about 200000 people, the poverty rate fell from 36.6% to 13.2%. The development ability of the poverty-stricken area increasing in the construction of Industrial Park 18, poverty alleviation industry base 1274, 128 leading enterprises to support poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation and industrial cooperatives 203, the implementation of tourism poverty alleviation project in 53 poor villages. Improve infrastructure in poor areas, and vigorously promote the water circuit dispatch housing construction in poor areas, a comprehensive solution to the poor people to safe drinking water and electricity, 208 thousand poor households housing reform, great changes have taken place in poor areas face. Poor areas of social undertakings have developed rapidly, poor areas of school conditions continue to improve, nine years of compulsory education consolidation rate of up to 93%, poor students enrolled in secondary vocational school students are exempt from tuition and fees. The rate of medical insurance for urban and rural residents in poor areas reached 98%.

"13th Five-Year" period, the poverty alleviation work entered the final stage, kenyinggutou crucial pull village. I issued a strong voice: at present, the province’s poverty alleviation has been put on a more prominent position, our province has a good basis for the work of poverty population is relatively small, the difficulty of mass poverty desire, poverty alleviation funds security, poverty alleviation, as long as the idea of effective measures, further innovation mechanism, I the province can be a year ahead of schedule to achieve the overall poverty, then using a year’s time to consolidate and improve, in order to effectively complete the proposed by the central government poverty alleviation goals, as a whole in 2020 with the national synchronized building a well-off society and create necessary conditions.

five years

– invested special poverty relief funds 9 billion 500 million yuan

– to achieve poverty reduction of more than one million people, an average of about 200000 poverty reduction

– the poverty rate fell from 36.6% to 13.2%

– nine year compulsory education consolidation rate of 93%, the school poor students tuition and fees from all

– poor areas of medical insurance for urban and rural residents reached 98%

– 208 thousand poor rural households housing renovation

"13th Five-Year" target: one year ahead of schedule to achieve the overall poverty read more

A city – zalun Chinese traditional festival spirit

of the Chinese nation in the long history of development, formed a broad and profound national culture, including the rich and colorful national festival – the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, Tomb-sweeping Day, the Qixi Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, Double Ninth Festival, etc.. These festivals and vicissitudes of life has passed, not only has a popular form of entertainment, rich and colorful folk culture, folk custom etiquette, but also contains the common people’s ideal and spiritual pursuit, embodies the Chinese national spirit and the ideological essence. The Chinese traditional festival contains the outstanding national spirit which is worth carrying forward. The main points are as follows: read more

How to develop a new hot pot restaurant

operating hot pot shop threshold is very low, almost no will not do. But you want to put a small Hot pot franchise business can be full of sound and colour is not simple, it contains a lot of knowledge. Even the shop Hot pot also need regular development of new cuisine, then open a small rotating Hot pot should be how to develop new food stores


How to develop new

read more

Small business need to pay attention to what the problem of small business start reading

entrepreneurship is not easy, so every step we have to be more careful, to find problems in order to avoid detours. Small business needs to pay attention to what problems? To solve this problem, we should pay attention to the share of small business eight problems for the majority of entrepreneurs want friends, hope to start on the road in the hustle of friends remember!

A, buddy type partnership, enemy type disband

The most common mode of

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Stationery store shopping guide need to have what sales skills

children’s learning is always the parents are very concerned about, want good learning, every aspect is very important, so is learning products, now parents of children’s learning very seriously, is also very concerned about the child’s learning activities, which promote the development of students’ activities in the market, some entrepreneurs to see such a situation open, choose their own stationery stores, then store shopping which requires sales skills?

stationery store shopping guide is a general idea, in order to allow customers to run away, the first to use low-cost stationery to attract customers to stay. In this way, it may promote the sale of low-priced products, but virtually increase the difficulty of high-end product sales. While still unaware of it, that is why the high price of stationery. In fact, is not the correct guide in the order so that customers feel the price is high, customers away. read more

Join Mengxue bard gelato how

dessert market, has been a very strong choice. In fact, the choice of entrepreneurial dessert project, open a store belonging to their own, is also a very good choice. So, to choose to join Mengxue ice gelato? Open an ice cream shop, is also a very good choice oh!

joined Mengxue bard gelato? The ice cream product variety, new collocation, create more valuable hot sale combination, and constantly updated new fashion, Mengxue bard let you win at the starting line. Mengxue and bard gelato innovative products more creative features too wonderful for words, style, full of new ideas, new fashion irresistible read more

Store management needs to accumulate feelings with customers

a lot of customers have their own consumer shops, and the owner in dealing with customers, naturally with the customer has formed a very deep feelings. Long term development, these customers will be of great help to the store business. At noon, the customer Mike came to my shop, standing in front of the counter, silly smile, I also silly smile and asked him: is to send money to me? Xiao Li took out 6 dollars handed me. Then he handed me 3 dollars and said, "give me a bottle of wine".

when I handed the wine to Xiao Li, I asked him: who bought a small wine last night? Did not buy ah, after leaving your store yesterday, just the unit has a thing, I went to the unit, the wine did not drink"." You don’t have to thank me yesterday no credit to give you 2 bottles of wine, so you not save 6 dollars. "I smiled to Xiao Li said. read more

Bai Li lotus lotus leaf rice new year good choice for small business

lotus leaf rice contains has the taste of childhood, my grandma taste, lotus fragrance into rice, with delicious dishes, such a family meal is to eat for a long time can not forget. 2017 is about to come, the old year is coming to an end, at the end of the year you want to make a good new year to earn a.

100 lotus lotus leaf rice, brought both characteristics to you, and small business projects, let you make money more easily. Bai Li lotus lotus leaf rice to join, full time business to get money into the money is not closing, from time to time. The new venture, 100 lotus lotus leaf rice let you surely do the boss. read more

More than and 300 phishing site domain name analysis was stopped

recently, the reporter from the Chinese anti phishing Alliance (APAC) was informed, by the end of October 30, 2008, the establishment of CN domain name system anti phishing quick resolution mechanism based on DNS has stopped more than 300 phishing sites. Experts pointed out that this found a rapid processing of an anti phishing processing mechanism show that the application of the Internet domain name from the roots of combat and curb phishing sites, not only effective, but also has very strong pertinence. read more

White hat! More than and 30 manufacturers to sign the disclosure of information disclosure and self

A5 (admin5.com) station network June 19th news, to regulate the disposal of information disclosure and guidance of safety administration, Ministry of industry and information network, Chinese Internet society network and Information Security Committee organized 32 units, signed the "China Internet Society vulnerability information disclosure and disposal of self-discipline", put forward the vulnerability information Convention the principle of disclosure, the disposal process, the details of the vulnerability, called for public entrance address and other information, intellectual property and other sensitive information, to avoid vulnerabilities are used by criminals. read more

Ma Yun do Ali mother need any reason

      click Register Ali mother, sell your site ad > > http://www.alimama.com

the video by TECHWEB CO produced with ZDNet zdnet. Chinese station editor to edit the text version, please be sure to retain all the reprint text.

Moderator: Fang Lei (TECHWEB technology broadband host)

guest: BINGSHU (ZDNET, IT comments on the implementation of planning famous blog Er


: Hello, good afternoon, today to introduce the guest is ZDNET bingshu.

Bing: Good afternoon, I have the honor to beauty video anchor bud together with you to talk about this IT storm, the IT today, she is actually a real arena. Why is she a quack? Because Mr. Jin Yong said, there is a place where there are rivers and lakes. So you say IT is not a river, it is not correct. Today, we say that the rivers and lakes thing, I do not know if you have not thought you have a square, we say that the big man ah. read more

E-commerce social marketing a war can not afford to lose

Xuan (a pseudonym) is an ordinary employee, doing extra business in micro-blog: a pair of shoes in micro-blog every day, through the music Amoy launched the "micro rebate" measures, every month can get a thousand dollars reward.


account is like this: Zixuan fans more than 3 thousand people, she in the day for micro-blog recommend both shoes, can produce about 3-5 single transaction, calculated by 150 yuan per transaction (seasonal summer sandals, slippers, etc.), each pair of shoes can be divided into 15 yuan, about a day to harvest 45-75 yuan, a monthly income of around 1500-2000. read more