The city’s leading cadres to listen to the law lecture

September 16th, municipal center held a group will expand the study director Dr., the Central Party School of constitutional and Administrative Law Department invited tutor Professor Fu Siming, "promoting the rule of law and the rule of China" seminar. Professor Fu Siming is a doctor of law, Peking University, Renmin University of China. He has long been engaged in legal research and teaching, and his main research interests include constitutional law, administrative law and emergency response law. In the lecture, Professor Fu Siming from the basic requirements of the law, this paper elaborates the problems form the rule of law, the essence of the rule of law, rule of law, human rights protection program, and through the case study, which is how to improve the awareness of the rule of law, rule of law leading cadres thinking ability, how public officials loyal to deeply explain the leading cadres should. It is of great significance for the city to promote the rule of law and the construction of a society ruled by law. Meeting the requirements of the various departments must earnestly study and implement the spirit of the party’s general secretary Xi Jinping eighteen and a series of important speech, to further promote the leading cadres to study law usage, to further improve the leading cadres at all levels of legal concept and legal quality, improve decision-making in accordance with law, administrative ability level, better use of the rule of law and the rule of thinking deepen reform, resolve conflicts and maintain stability, and constantly promote the healthy development of various undertakings in Xining.  


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