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Bolognese is to start by choosing quality ingredients I use pasture-fed beef because I love the greater depth of flavor it gives to the overall dish This Bolognese is also great using turkey mince for those who prefer a lighter meat I use fresh ripe Roma tomatoes when they are in season or alternatively you can also use good quality organic tinned Roma tomatoes Roma tomatoes are naturally sweeter than regular ones and they have more flesh and less juice so they’re my favorite for tomato-based sauces I make vegetable spaghetti with zucchini and use that as a substitute for traditional heavy pastas Zucchini makes the most perfect and healthy low-carb pasta and what I love about this vegetable is that it takes just one minute to cook and will absorb the flavor of any aromatics you add to the pan You can also use other vegetables in making spaghetti such as carrots leeks pumpkin sweet potatoes or a combination of all of them Living Newsletter Get the latest career relationship and wellness advice to enrich your life View Sample Sign Up Now The best way to cook vegetable spaghetti is to briefly sauté them in a pan over medium heat with a little olive oil until softened otherwise they become too watery if plunging into water You can also add a spoonful of pesto and a generous handful of baby spinach like I do which enlivens the flavor and color Finish off your Bolognese with freshly chopped parsley and a generous grating of Parmigiano-Reggiano or pecorino INGREDIENTS BOLOGNESE SAUCE ZUCCHINI SPAGHETTI PESTO DIRECTIONS TO MAKE THE PESTO Combine pesto ingredients into a food processor or blender for 1 minute until smooth Taste and adjust the seasoning to your liking Alternatively chop dry ingredients by hand using a large chefs knife or Mezzaluna chopper then combine in a bowl with the olive oil lemon and garlic TO MAKE ZUCCHINI NOODLES Serves 4 NOTES + INSPIRATION: Layer bolognese sauce between roasted eggplant or fresh made spelt spelt flour crepes then top with ricotta and parmesan before baking for 40 minutes for the most spectacular lasagne Vegetarians can use grated organic tempeh extra veggies and a handful of walnuts in place of beef mince Teresa Cutter founder of The Healthy Chef is an author nutritionist and classically trained chef You can find more of Cutters tips and recipes on her website app eBooks and Instagram “My main goal at The Healthy Chef is to get people cooking and eating healthier Eat natural foods focus on fresh fruits and vegetables and just keep it simple" Teresa Cutter Contact us at editors@timecomElectricity production from natural gas-fired power plants is expected to reach a record high this year as the fuel source remains cheaper than coal according to a government report In total natural gas-fired plants will provide 34% of the country’s electricity this year the Energy Information Administration (EIA) said Coal-fired plants nuclear and renewables follow with 30% 19% and 15% respectively The cost of natural gas has dropped dramatically in recent years as a result of new technologies that have opened up vast new areas in the United States to drilling vastly increasing production As recently as 2010 42% of the electricity mix came from coal and 25% from natural gas Many environmental groups and climate-minded policymakers embraced the transition to natural gasat least at first Burning coal produces nearly twice as much of the global warming-causing carbon dioxide pound per pound compared with burning natural gas according to the EIA Many environmentalists have described the natural gas a bridge fuel not ideal but an improvement over coal Read More: Natural Gas May Have Trumped Coal in 2015 Report Says Some recent research has shown that leaks in various spots along natural gas pipelines release enough methane gasanother gas that causes warmingto complicate the equation The Aliso Canyon gas leak outside of Los Angeles which released more than 100000 tons of methane in the four months before it was sealed in February drew attention to the risk of massive blowouts but environmental policy experts say the real risk may lie in smaller leaks that can go undetected When methane gets out it is more than 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide at holding heat in the atmosphere over a 100-year period according to the EPA Natural gas companies say they have prioritized fixing the problem both because of the climate implications and their bottom line “We lose it we lose money” said Steven Kean CEO of Kinder Morgan an energy infrastructure company that transports natural gas at an EIA conference this week Still the new understanding of the threat of natural gas has deterred some environmental groups that once praised natural gas The Sierra Club for instance took million of dollars from the industry just a decade ago before reversing course Others including the White House appear confident that new regulations can fix the problem and keep natural gas viable "I subscribe to the view that natural gas is a very helpful bridge fuel” said John Holdren the president’s chief science advisor at the EIA conference “Natural gas technology can be done well or it can be done badly" Write to Justin Worland at justinworland@timecomIDEAS Hale is a Democratic politician from Tennessee; he has been a Catholic nonprofit executive and helped lead faith outreach for President Barack Obama Two years after the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope Francis the Catholic Church is back From the moment he appeared on the loggia of St Peters in a simple white cassock we knew that Francis was a game changer Images immediately went viral of the newly elected Vicar of Christ washing the feet of AIDS patients riding the bus in Buenos Aires and ministering to Gods people living in the slums In the two years since Francis has again and again reminded us of that troublemaker who founded the faith Jesus of Nazareth Then again I guess thats the point Pundits suggested that the Jesuit from Argentina would change his ways to adapt to the papacy To the contrary he has stayed the same priest and man of the poor that he always was and instead has transformed both the papacy and the Church Ive experienced this transformation in my own life Inspired by the Popes leadership I quit my job in politics and took over the leadership of a Catholic organization dedicated to promoting the Churchs social justice agenda in public life Im not alone There are stories everywhere of young and not-so-young Christians responding in even more radical ways to Franciss call to spread the joy of knowing Jesus and his great Gospel of justice peace and mercy Why has Francis resonated with his contemporaries I think there are three reasons: He leads with mercy The words from his first Sunday message as the Bishop of Rome still ring in my ears: "God never tires of forgiving us but we sometimes tire of asking Him to forgive us Mercy is Gods most beautiful attribute And Francis understands during this time of crisis where too many times the Church has failed to communicate Gods unfailing love for us we must re-present the basic truths of our faith: that we are children of the God The Lord loves us Jesus Christ saves us The Pope cherishes us and the Church welcomes us Some of Franciss detractors argue that this is soft Nonsense This is our faith and this is the faith of the Church He leads with authentic joy "I cannot imagine" Pope Francis says "a Christian who doesnt know how to smile" Yet the Pope complains that too many peoples lives "seem like Lent without Easter" He says that we mustnt always "look like someone who has just come back from a funeral" Erich Fromm once offered this critique of modern men and women: "Today we come across an individual who behaves like an automaton who does not know or understand himself and the only person that he knows is the person that he is supposed to be whose meaningless chatter has replaced communicative speech whose synthetic smile has replaced genuine laughter and whose sense of dull despair has taken the place of genuine pain" Francisfrom his joy of knowing Jesuscannot be accused of such a thing When he encounters men and women you know his smile is real that his tears are authentic and that his love is inspired He leads with humility Pope Francis says a good priest is someone who is so close to his people that he becomes a"shepherd living with the smell of the sheep" He has exemplified this ideal in his own pontificate He rejected the apostolic palace He washed the feet of Muslim women He affirmed Gods love for the LGBT community And the list could go on and on But Francis isnt doing this for publicity He believes that this outward focus must be the prominent disposition of the entire Christian community: "I prefer a church which is bruised hurting and dirty because it has been out on the streets rather than a church which is unhealthy from being confined and from clinging to its own security" Paul Rauschenberg said it well some time ago: Pope Francis has made it cool to be Christian again His pontificate is allowing the world to rediscover the great contribution of faith to culture and civic society At the end of World War II Joseph Stalin once arrogantly asked Winston Churchill: "How many divisions does the Pope have" In 2015 we have our answer: The Soviet Union is dead and the Catholic Church is alive And with Francis leading the flock the Church isnt just alive Its thriving once again The angel Gabriel must have been right then: "Nothing is impossible with God" The Most Surprising Photos of Pope Francis The wind lifts Pope Francis’ mantle as he delivers his speech in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia on Sept 26 2015 Tony Gentile—AP Pope Francis looks at the Statue of Liberty from the window of a helicopter on his way to the John F Kennedy International Airport in New York City on Sept 26 2015 L’Osservatore Romano/AP A Pope Francis mannequin rides around in a car in Times Square as New York City waits for the arrival of the Pope to the city on Sept 24 2015 Timothy A Clary—AFP/Getty Images Kaydn Dorsey 4 and Lionel Perkins 4 draw on a coloring sheet bearing the image of Pope Francis as they wait for him to arrive on a visit to Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington in Washington on Sept 24 2015 David Goldman—Reuters Nuns with the Hospitaler Sisters of Mercy in Pleasantville NJ, Paulo Whitaker— Reuters Departing Rio de Janeiro. who is the President-General, Gregory Smith—Corbis via Getty Images The law enforcement agents were trying to raid the building and arrest Koresh on charges of unlawful possession of a destructive device when they said they came under heavy gunfire on Feb."Bannon backed former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore over Trump’s preferred candidate.

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" he said. defamation and breach of contract. This piece originally appeared on Barking Up the Wrong Tree." Kaine said. some sarcastically drawing parallels between the proposed legislation and President Trumps unreleased tax returns. a new political party known as Alliance for Feminine Agenda, Princes Thomas. He then nullified any oaths undertaken by victims of human trafficking and placed a curse on any native doctor or juju priest who carried out the practice. She was just in complete terror. who also said an England Under-17 teammate Morgan Gibbs-White was called a "monkey" by a Spanish opponent during the World Cup final.

AFP Brewster said UEFA have yet to hold an inquiry into an incident involving Russian side Spartak Moscow three weeks ago where he claims he was the target of a racist remark by opposing captain Leonid Mironov. 8-9 — at Neb.The statement is related to the broad set of allegations recently leveled against system Chancellor Mark Hagerott by his former second-in-command. In Colorado,5 million to defeat the measure." she recalled.At the same time, Mr Akowe Abimaje Awana, It has already well surpassed the 100, a unified alliance like the Mahagathbandhan — possibly led by Nitish — was the best option the Opposition had till Wednesday.

President Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch to be Associate Justice of the Supreme Court was widely praised as a “home run” among Republicans and Rosanna Pansino,"One product is called the My Farm Manager platform.

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