Month: March 2017

Eastern problem zone rectification


[since 2010 Xining started to create a national civilized city, east area to overcome the difficulties, input of manpower, material and financial resources, and actively improve the living environment, improve the quality of residents, change year after year. However, according to the national civilized city evaluation criteria, there are still many deficiencies chengdong. To this end, in March 1st, East District, together with the media to do the city to the area of Xining long distance bus station, bazaars, back alleys and other places unannounced visits, master first-hand information, identify problems, timely rectification. [ read more

Per capita income of residents increased by 8380 yuan over the past five years

over the past 5 years, although the city’s residents are showing a diversified income sources, but the capital increase policy is still the main factor driving the growth of income. According to the National Bureau of investigation team Xining sample survey data show that from 2009 to 2014, the city residents per capita disposable income increased from 12911.03 yuan to 21290.61 yuan, an increase of 8380 yuan per capita, an increase of 64.9%, the average annual growth of 10.5%. The residents in our city
property income five years growth 7.8 times
transfer income five years growth of 95%
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City Law Enforcement Bureau to celebrate the 89 anniversary of the founding of a colorful and effect

to commemorate the 89 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Chinese, arouse their patriotic enthusiasm to promote the love of the party, "chuangxianzhengyou" activities, the Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau of Party branch in the "71" and organized a series of rich and colorful activities to celebrate the 89 anniversary of its founding.

is a to send warmth to the countryside activities. In June 28th, the organization of Party branch Party members in Huangyuan county and Pingxiang Ma Wan village of 10 households linking point helping object of sympathy, sent condolences gold 3550 yuan, clothing 36, 50 kg of flour, so that poor people feel the warmth of the party. two is to carry out meaningful party day activities. "71" on the same day, the organization of Party branch 34 official members and 1 party and 4 Party activists visited the newly completed China Red Army xilujun Memorial, a vivid lectures to hard work, courage and dedication as the main content, the temperature and weight of all members of the party oath. Comrades party members have said they would remember the purpose of the party, to promote scientific development, promote social harmony, the practice of meritorious service of the masses, to realize the value of life. three is to carry out the party history, the spirit of the 17th Party Congress and the party constitution knowledge contest. Through competition, the majority of Party members to study the party’s glorious history, to deepen the understanding of the guidelines and policies of the party, to further strengthen the struggle for communism beliefs, enhanced fulfill the obligations of Party members, implement the consciousness and firmness of Scientific Outlook on Development. four is to actively participate in the municipal authorities "to celebrate the 71 clean government newspaper Zhanping". Making the "grasping clean government, promoting the" harmonious "urban management" and "unremittingly anti-corruption, corruption alarm bells ringing" as the theme of the panels 10, comprehensive, multi angle display management system construction of clean organs, learning "certain criteria honest" as well as the development of party loyalty education activities fruits and won the two prize. five is carried out as the flag thespians, Wei Jian Jian Wei for his "theme" day "activities. Eighth Jian Wei day period, Party members and activists to join the community to help residents clean up the floor of the hospital, green in the psoriasis and garbage dead, praised by community residents. At the same time, to carry out the construction of the day, the focus of promotional activities and urban management and the public face to face, I offer good advice for the construction of the proposed solicitation activities, further closer ties with the masses of flesh and blood. (Editor: Guo Zhongling) read more

National Party building theory seminar held in Xining

June 25th, the National Party building theory seminar held in Xining, the meeting discussed the exchange of service center, the construction team work rules, the results of the research. CCDI standing committee, deputy secretary of the central state organs, discipline committee secretary Yu Guilin speech, provincial Party committee, Secretary General of the provincial Party committee, Mr Wang Xiaoqing speech.

Yu Guilin pointed out in his speech, the law on the construction of the service center, team work is the internal requirement of Party building under the new situation, to the service center as the fundamental requirements throughout all aspects of the work of Party building, the construction team as a basic project to implement the whole process of Party building work, to promote the service center, organic the unified construction team as a guiding principle to implement the party building work always. read more

Outer suburb of the old line of public transport IC card can still brush the convenience of the peop

October, Xining to Kumbum Monastery city suburban bus line officially opened to facilitate the people travel. But recently, Xining citizens reflect Mr. Fang, some bus lines, do not let the use of the old bus IC card.


said that he had to take a bus from Xining to the outer suburbs of Kumbum Monastery city bus, brush the old IC card on the car, the driver let him coin, but also a time, the driver directly drove him out of the car. Mr. Fang was puzzled: "bus line in the end can not use the old IC card?" read more

More than a dozen community recycling shop recycling waste recycling shop opened into the community

  August 14th early in the morning, Liu Ping, who lives in the provincial capital of forest Lane carrying a few bottles of drinks, the door to the door of the new renewable resource recycling shop to sell waste. On the same day, the woods Lane community recycling shop and Chengbei district construction, Bridge Street, Yongxing Bei Xiang Yuan recycling shop, Delingha road recycling transfer station ten recycling site at the same time opening. These minimum area of 10 square meters of recycling shops, can provide convenience for the surrounding residents of 3000 households. read more

From April 30th to May 3rd Xining Railway Station to send passengers 81 thousand passengers

51 small holiday, the number of passengers to send a large increase in the number of Railways in our province, due to free access to the highway, Xining expressway traffic around the big.

Railway: the implementation of the new regulations Qinghai no guide dogs by train

railway, Railway Corporation and China disabled federation released "disabled passengers carrying guide dogs stop traveling regulations" with visual impairments, passengers can carry the dog from May 1, 2015 onwards by train. read more

A city – zalun Chinese traditional festival spirit

of the Chinese nation in the long history of development, formed a broad and profound national culture, including the rich and colorful national festival – the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, Tomb-sweeping Day, the Qixi Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, Double Ninth Festival, etc.. These festivals and vicissitudes of life has passed, not only has a popular form of entertainment, rich and colorful folk culture, folk custom etiquette, but also contains the common people’s ideal and spiritual pursuit, embodies the Chinese national spirit and the ideological essence. The Chinese traditional festival contains the outstanding national spirit which is worth carrying forward. The main points are as follows: read more

Great beauty Qinghai high-speed rail travel into Lanzhou

Lanzhou Xinjiang high speed rail for our province tourism has brought new opportunities, in order to better display the beauty of Qinghai to tourists, recently, the Provincial Tourism Bureau organized the "beauty of Qinghai high iron tourism promotion in Lanzhou. Nearly 60 travel agencies in Gansu province and the province’s key scenic spots more than more than 160 people to participate in the promotion will be signed at the scene of the travel agreement more than and 480.

China high school six school alliance summit held in Nanjing

In July 25th, Chinese high school six school alliance "teaching management and execution of school cultural forum held in the city of Huangchuan middle school

7 25, Chinese high school six school alliance "teaching management and execution of school cultural forum held in the city of Huangchuan middle school. Ministry of education, Department of education, City Board of education official and Qinghai Huangchuan middle school, high school affiliated to Northwest Normal University, Beijing thirty-fifth, Jiangsu province middle school, Xishan high school, Hainan middle school, Harbin third secondary school principals, teachers and experts attended the forum. The forum, the participants to the teaching management and the implementation of the school culture as the theme, focusing on improving the implementation mechanism, improve the quality of education, change teaching methods and other issues of the General Assembly exchange and discussion. read more

2014 Xining ten news announced today

After a month of voting, the 2014 year of the Xining’s "top news" in the year of the people in the superposition of votes, in the people’s enthusiasm and hope of the intertwined, today announced the grand opening.

"summer tour of Xining" national famous brand;

decentralization reform bonus release;

ten years how the sky bluer and the water cleaner;

……The people’s livelihood news

is a new change to the 2014 annual Xining showcase new achievements in economic and social undertakings achieved and urban and rural people’s lives, to further strengthen the construction of peoples life of the city, the city of happiness and the confidence and determination to deepen reform to create atmosphere of public opinion. By the end of 2014, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department hosted the 2014 annual Xining city "Ten News contest fiery curtain, make a point of the market in 2014 the city’s work achievement.

in lasted more than a month of selection activities, the organizers always adhere to the "encourage the participation of the whole society, to create a harmonious atmosphere, the basic principles for the people the full right to speak". Through this new platform to fully demonstrate the municipal government concerned about the livelihood of the people, change; read more

Xiang Zhaolun stressed that the revitalization of traditional technology driven employment promotion

days ago, Vice Minister of culture Xiang Zhaolun in Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, visit the Ministry of culture stressed at the Shanghai Univer and other colleges and universities commissioned training trainees of folk artists, through training a batch of leading talent, improve ability, revitalize the traditional intangible cultural heritage inheritance process at the same time, improve employment, promoting poverty alleviation.

Gelsall (Golog) experimentation area after the establishment of cultural and ecological protection, the Ministry of culture by the Shanghai Univer and other four schools for the Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in our province training more than 180 folk artists. read more

Xu Fushun Zhang collar check Xining conscription propaganda work

November 3rd morning, the Provincial Standing Committee and executive vice governor Xu Fushun, the provincial military commander Zhang Shuling in the provincial military region deputy commander Angwang suonan, chief of staff Li Songshan and provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial government office, the provincial education department, the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the provincial public security department and other military accompanied by responsible comrades, to Jiefang Road Community University of nationalities in Qinghai and the city of Xining City District, inspect and guide the work of publicity winter conscription registration. read more

The second batch of public rental Yaohao distribution in the end of the month

In 2015 the first batch of pilot work of public rental publicity period has now ended, I have the qualification of the housing difficulties of low-income families are check-in, have xiqianxinju. At the same time, the second batch of allocation of public rental work is orderly, plan at the end of August for the public Yaohao allocation of more than 300 sets.

low-income housing allocation directly related to the vital interests of masses, broad social impact, seriously for the distribution of work, to ensure the distribution of fair, open and transparent, summed up the first batch of pilot work at the same time, the city real estate management department and the district government jointly, in batches of the district offices, Community Construction Bureau and related work staff of the public rental policy business training, and the current low-income housing to apply for work in the presence of doubtful and difficult problem to communicate with each other, so that the grass-roots staff on-site to answer, to fully grasp the policy, carry out work in accordance with the "standard score ranking, scoring results, unified unified unified" principle, to ensure that the scoring results justice. For the second batch of allocation of public rental work smoothly laid a good foundation.
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Teach the way of brand bathroom franchise

with the promotion of consumer awareness of the brand, they are more willing to purchase the brand home chain, so the brand bathroom franchise business becomes better. Grasp the way of operation, is the task of each brand bathroom franchise investment business. A lot of business failure because the stores management of the brand in the bathroom, so that the Home Furnishing career has been hit, let the brand bathroom stores only to shut down to the end. Therefore, for investment businesses, have some management brand sanitary stores scientific road, it is very important yo, let’s take a look at the law to increase brand sanitary stores. read more

Spring grass New Year’s Eve wish, to the depths of the mountains to support education

New Year’s wish is always so simple and heavy.

Just let

see Jiangyang, he was ready to catch the last bus home. This winter is to let in Jiangyang last winter in Qinghai national university. In June this year, he will step out of the campus life on another stage.

on his back carrying a heavy bag, which was not he purchased a bag full of books but special purchases for the Spring Festival. Jiang Yang told reporters that this holiday is not their own task, he is going to do a good job of preparing for the teacher’s qualification examination. Mentioned that the teacher qualification certificate, Jiangyang come straight to the point: "I want to be a teacher after graduation." But his next words are very surprising: I want to go to a remote mountain village as a teacher." read more

Xining do not meet the requirements of the truck will refuse to issue a certificate

from this month, Xining city traffic police detachment will carry out special rectification of uncivilized traffic behavior exist large trucks and drivers, does not meet the requirements of large trucks to issuing inspection marks, in order to achieve the truck significantly reduce security risks, truck accident fell sharply.

it is reported that this special action focused on the investigation of heavy truck, trailer, engineering transport vehicle whether there is illegal modification, the existence of illegal installation of lighting, body reflective logo settings are not standardized, lateral part protective device installation is not standardized; the existence of tires, brake parts wear serious security risks; whether there should be no scrap scrap problems. At the same time, the heavy truck is not in accordance with the provisions of the lane, fatigue driving, illegal parking, super strong will, reverse driving, vehicle city road engineering, unlicensed deck, block defaced plate, red light, break the forbidden line, speeding, illegal U-turn and other serious traffic violations severely punished. read more

Strengthen food safety supervision to ensure food safety

to ensure that the city’s food safety during the Spring Festival ", according to the municipal government and the provincial food and Drug Safety Coordination Committee, member of agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau, Quality Supervision Bureau, Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Health Bureau, bureau of Commerce, food and drug administration, food and drug safety coordination Committee, conscientiously fulfill the food safety regulatory responsibilities. Take practical measures in the" Spring Festival "during the special supervision and inspection of the city’s food market. read more

Province to 144 model to strengthen the supervision of agricultural and animal husbandry project sup

7 month 1 days, reporters from the national agricultural system to carry out the funds benefiting the agriculture outstanding issues special rectification work meeting was informed that the use of video, in recent years, our province is increasing year by year in agricultural project investment, a substantial increase in the size of the case, the "144" mode of regulation, increase the funds benefiting the agriculture supervision, strong support for the development of the plateau of modern ecological agriculture and animal husbandry. read more

How to develop a new hot pot restaurant

operating hot pot shop threshold is very low, almost no will not do. But you want to put a small Hot pot franchise business can be full of sound and colour is not simple, it contains a lot of knowledge. Even the shop Hot pot also need regular development of new cuisine, then open a small rotating Hot pot should be how to develop new food stores


How to develop new

read more

How to operate a jewelry store do not rush to shop

now the country has introduced policies to support entrepreneurship so young people to develop their own career is the primary choice, when it comes to business will have to mention joining. Now is the biggest advantage of the franchise model can reduce the risks of investment and management, but how to join the jewelry business is a problem, although the headquarters will open training, but some jewelry business skills or to master the. How to open a good jewelry store how to operate a jewelry store, we will look at some of the jewelry business skills!

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Entrepreneurship shop how to retain repeat customers

compared to the development of a new customer, to retain a repeat of the time and money spent less, and the effect is often better, so, to retain repeat customers is very important for the operation of the store. In short, entrepreneurship shop, port important, important sources, services are equally important. The service is good, the other will be your back, and more repeat customers, you good service, they are willing to give you more consumers, so your reputation is greater, the money is more natural. Therefore, we must learn to retain repeat customers. read more

Beijing 90 Zhang Hongrun adhere to the entrepreneurial success by Gregory.

There are many

now Beijing youth, many 90 also joined the ranks of the North drift, and the success of 90 Beijing is not much, but Zhang Hongrun easily results from tens of thousands to millions, get rich results gratifying, what is his secret to success?

8 30, as a typical 90 entrepreneurs Yu Jiawen, Ma Jiajia was Lenovo chairman and President Yang Yuanqing has accused him of "Huyou bragging, false financing amount, excessive marketing, lack of credibility", "excessive marketing including hunger marketing, viral marketing and so on, the products, speculation, water flooding, and even the negative as eye-catching as means of spread is positive or negative energy, no energy". read more

WeChat entrepreneurship four areas of the fire

do not know what the fire from the beginning, WeChat has not only a tool for the exchange of information, it is a platform for entrepreneurship, the concept of WeChat entrepreneurship gradually into people’s minds. Do you want to know the 2015 most important areas of fire WeChat? Let’s have a look.

The rise of
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Open tea stores need to go through the formalities

shop need to figure out their own shops do not need to go through formalities or what procedures are required. For example, open tea stores, you have to do a good job in this regard. Xiaobian finishing the relevant information, hoping to help more franchisees to help you easily get ready to start business as soon as possible.

, health permit application procedures. Investment in tea shops, we must first apply to the operator’s place of health supervision institutions (health and epidemic prevention station) for health permit application procedures. If you do not apply for this procedure, you can not apply for industrial and commercial business license. For health permits the following steps: 1, receive the application form and related materials; 2, according to the relevant requirements of the decoration and facilities; 3, required to submit relevant information; 4, make an appointment time, on-site audit audit; 5; 6, after passing the examination can apply for health permits. read more