Month: March 2017

Out of the clothing to join the cause of the children to look forward to

with the development of people’s living standards, some traditional industries began to emerge new features, and clothing as the most basic needs of people in recent years has also been a great development and change. Today is a good choice to join the venture capital investment. Love Bobbi doll of a few people, a lot of people in order to give his beloved Bobbi wear beautiful clothes, more willing to splurge". Thus, Liu Linlin clothing to join the entrepreneurial road, starting from here.

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Zhejiang Yinzhou youth bag Pioneer Park

now in order to actively promote the development of entrepreneurial activities, have to build their own a good social entrepreneurship environment and entrepreneurship platform, in order to promote the enthusiasm of the majority of entrepreneurs.

with "Internet plus free creative, where to go to idle away in seeking pleasure" landing, growth? 23 year old Zou Ji, graduated from the Ningbo Institute of technology, Zhejiang University, operating in the fast food restaurant, at present, with his creativity and passion into the vicinity of his alma mater, Yinzhou Dream Factory No. 7. read more

What are the issues to be considered when you want to open a sock shop

if only shop, despite the different market, the focus will be different, taking into account factors also have a great difference, however, if you want to succeed, you need more attention in the details of the above factors, need to pay attention to the problem of nature is not a little bit. So, what do you want to open a sock shop to consider?

one, do monopoly problem

you want to do a lot of problems, if the monopoly, although the gross margin is high but there is no season that is wrong, 9-3 month is the peak season, and vice versa. Usually the existing sock store is to get lower and better goods through the relationship between manufacturers! Simple procurement certainly can not guarantee the quality and product phase, thus violating your brand strategy, and suppliers now store competition is also very powerful, the price and goods are very rich, unless you choose a good area, otherwise it will be great pressure. read more

Small business need to pay attention to what the problem of small business start reading

entrepreneurship is not easy, so every step we have to be more careful, to find problems in order to avoid detours. Small business needs to pay attention to what problems? To solve this problem, we should pay attention to the share of small business eight problems for the majority of entrepreneurs want friends, hope to start on the road in the hustle of friends remember!

A, buddy type partnership, enemy type disband

The most common mode of

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Restaurant success need to pay attention to what

entrepreneurial shop is a lot of friends want to do, the restaurant is now doing a good project, if you want to invest in this project, we need to join the attention? Xiao Bian for us to do the introduction.

1, restaurants to succeed in addition to the site or site selection. With the information collected above, you can find the location of the initial location of the restaurant to meet the needs of the collection of these places and other rental shops. Restaurant franchise, different geographical location of the main crowd is different, the decision of their eating habits, specific to the store has a certain difference. For example, the main street of the crowd seems to be more people, but the reality is to eat near the office staff or nearby residents, and some walking street but more easy to feature snacks. read more

Where is the highest price in Hefei

Hefei as a second tier city, in the process of economic development, has achieved remarkable results. The property prices have soared, has become a hot topic of debate. Then, for the current high prices in Hefei, where the highest? You know what?

according to Hefei media reports, June 21st, the Hefei Municipal Land Management Committee held the fifth meeting of the directors, the Hefei real estate bureau, China Merchants Bureau, Land Bureau, Finance Bureau and other more than and 20 departments attended the meeting, Hefei will not clear the introduction of restriction policy, but will be the introduction of differentiated credit policy, such as raising the threshold Shoufu, the most expensive land for a month in the payment of money. read more

What is the management skill of opening a cold drink shop

is now a great demand for cold drinks, no matter what the season will be a lot of people eat cold drinks, which also promoted the development of the cold drinks industry. Many entrepreneurs, but also want to open a cold drink shop. But want to successfully open a cold drink shop, not only need to find a good brand to join in the business, there are many problems need attention. On the opening of a cold drink shop business skills, following with everyone to understand.

to operate a cold store must have their own unique way of doing business, one serving in an international ice cream brand chain store for many years Mr. Chen said. First of all, the store should have a comfortable and refreshing feeling. Mr. Chen said, now some small shops on the street are selling ice cream, but when customers are tired, thirsty, hot, want to sit down and enjoy ice cold drinks, the small shops cannot meet their needs. read more

What are the needs of children’s Paradise Park small series big analysis

What are the requirements of the

children’s paradise brand to join the venue? The children’s Park is the current number of businesses are in a project to create the basis, strive to become bigger and stronger look at fiercely as a tiger does, and the existing efforts to improve the situation, to avoid being surpassed and chant annexation. But how to invest, the venue should do more than a big problem.

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Love is fashion restaurant franchise market wide

as everyone knows, pizza is a lot of people love the delicacy, many entrepreneurs have seen the pizza business, in many brands, love pizza taste good to win, to win the headquarter is love pizza selected material, has introduced a new delicious pizza, won a lot of love in the hearts of consumers, to win. The shop, a lot of people are queuing to buy pizza, pizza to win the prospect of unlimited love.

so, love to win the pizza franchise? Love is pizza not only cheap, but also a variety of pure taste, let people taste and delicious taste the best. Now the life rhythm of people particularly fast, no time to cook, so a love win fashion restaurant, delicious, the most important is cheap and good products like this of course can be welcomed by consumers. read more

Treat customers seriously

is a character, because some are busy, many shopkeepers caused a little careless when dealing with the customer, the owner may not have felt, but for the customer is greatly respected, it could reach the customer churn. So, if you want to let the shop business is hot, treat customers can really be serious.

I often go to a barber shop barber, basically to go once a month, not only I go, I also took his son to go, and sometimes also recommended to friends and family. However, when I went to get a haircut, the barber was different. He was always absent-minded when he cut his hair, while chatting with other people, he kept laughing. This can also be endured, after all, his barber skills. read more

Nanchong women’s home sheep annual income of nearly 10 million business stories

entrepreneurial path, has become the current consensus of many people! But after all, entrepreneurship is a risk of the event, a lot of entrepreneurs who have a passion for entrepreneurship, but it has not taken action, leading to their own has been nothing. For each business, entrepreneurs, behind the sad and difficult, but itself is fully aware of the taste, especially for a woman, is a polish. The following Xiaobian together and understand, Nanchong women’s home sheep’s story.

He Junhua, 43 years old this year, Chinese Langzhong into town, a job in 20 years, in 2011 set up a home business, livestock farms, aquaculture based on Small Tail Han sheep, go on the road to prosperity. read more

Youlemei xiangpiaopiao opened sales gratifying tips

The successful case of

be too numerous to enumerate the marketing community, people familiar with the sale of combs for the monk, the toothpaste caliber a mm, inspired and so on marketing stories to contemporary entrepreneurs is not small, want to promote product sales, marketing innovation is the key.

take only one millimeter to expand export toothpaste story (not heard this story please Baidu), do the purpose is to allow customers to use faster, equivalent to increasing use, so the company earn more. It sounds very successful, but this is based on a Newton law as absolute as ideal smooth plane based on customer loyalty — the absolute, but in reality, which is such a good thing, in a bed for several years the couple can not guarantee each other loyalty, a tube of toothpaste have broken what entranced the charm of read more

Learn to stand up from failure

entrepreneurship, for the majority of friends, is another path in life. At the beginning of this year, I and a friend started a business process, our business is to solve the problem of small business travel. But after 3 months of spending and $2000 in money, we gave up because of our basic assumptions.

this business does not solve my problem, I really need is to advance business.

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Stationery store shopping guide need to have what sales skills

children’s learning is always the parents are very concerned about, want good learning, every aspect is very important, so is learning products, now parents of children’s learning very seriously, is also very concerned about the child’s learning activities, which promote the development of students’ activities in the market, some entrepreneurs to see such a situation open, choose their own stationery stores, then store shopping which requires sales skills?

stationery store shopping guide is a general idea, in order to allow customers to run away, the first to use low-cost stationery to attract customers to stay. In this way, it may promote the sale of low-priced products, but virtually increase the difficulty of high-end product sales. While still unaware of it, that is why the high price of stationery. In fact, is not the correct guide in the order so that customers feel the price is high, customers away. read more

Which women can choose to join the venture

in the market, there are a lot of female entrepreneurs, everyone in the investment projects, but also very enthusiastic. However, we should also pay attention to the choice of the project, we have to consider their ability and strength. Female entrepreneurship can choose which join the project? The following small series for you one by one, I hope to bring more business opportunities.

pet photography

now many people like to take pictures of their pets, because the camera can take pictures of pets less. Unfortunately, I’m not a professional photographer. If I were a professional photographer, I would start an animal photography studio. To take pictures of cute animals, is a kind of enjoyment and can make money to start a business. The photographs made into calendars, greeting cards, key chains, cups and shirts. read more

Shantou entrepreneurs can be settled free


area business platform is a very important thing for many entrepreneurs who, now governments in order to promote entrepreneurial activities, have established a relatively large in the local business platform.

9 11, the eastern region’s first certified by the government of private nonprofit business platform "to youth entrepreneurship Park officially opened park. The park will be through the implementation of free rent, free management fees, free water and electricity "three free" measures, to really have the entrepreneurial enthusiasm and entrepreneurial ability or youth team to achieve "zero cost" into the park. read more

Nanjing second-hand housing market situation

2016 hot real estate market, whether it is a new house or second-hand housing, in the market has been widespread concern, today Xiaobian for everyone to bring second-hand housing market in Nanjing. Nanjing property market for two consecutive weeks the main city residential listing volume of $0, down more than 30% of the subscription volume, although in November Nanjing prices continue to rise, but the increase continued to narrow. Last week, the secondary housing market also appeared in the same scene, last week, 1925 sets of second-hand housing turnover in Nanjing, the volume of the previous week’s 1944 units fell by a total of 19 units, a decline of 0.98%. read more

Porridge shop to join the election small porridge immortal

Taiwan is not only a collection of Chinese treasures in the food project is no worse. Take the porridge items. Small congee Xian, one of Taiwan’s famous food brands, she originated in Fujian Huian " ", beginning in the universe;; rural prevalence is a local delicacy. The liberation of the early universe " " craft and formula was a KMT veteran Zhou Shixiong to Taiwan, hit " in Kaohsiung; small porridge Xian " signs; and have developed a dish of porridge, meat, egg porridge and other dozens of series, hundreds of varieties, first in the island to warm sought after, then swept the Southeast Asian countries. The superb artistry, mellow taste, rich nutrition, rich cultural heritage by a wide range of investors and consumers, more than half a century has received rave reviews. read more

The laundry dry cleaning franchise selected denai Fu

may be because people are busy now, similar to housekeeping, these brands are more popular in the market. Today, we do not say that other laundry business services. Now join the laundry business are becoming more and more popular, there are many small friends asked such a question, to join the laundry is how much profit? In recent years, the investment is welcome, for investors, has always been to profit as the ultimate goal. Join the laundry with a low cost, high profit, small investment risk and a series of advantages to become the first choice for the majority of investors. So how much profit to join the laundry? Below, the small shop to join you for the answer. read more

Start Egg Tart store technology from which to learn

With the continuous improvement of

changing modern people’s diet management and consumption level, nowadays people prefer casual dining and delicacy, such as baking bread and cakes Egg Tart delicacy won the modern people’s favor. So now there are many young people who want to start Egg Tart shop business, of course, we have to have the technology, which requires a Egg Tart training school to improve business ability.

According to the

survey, more and more workers to give up their jobs to join Egg Tart stable industry, their own their own boss. To start to choose the first entrepreneurial goal, then select the authentic training school, why Egg Tart industry would have so many entrepreneurs attention? read more

Open cell phone store is a good store or shop

believes that now should be a lot of people have such experience, the purchase of mobile phone products, the store can be, shop can be, but the price is relatively cheap. Because of this, there will be a lot of people in the shop and shop in the middle of hesitation. So, open mobile phone shop, the shop is good or good?

set up shop, opened a mobile phone shop, choose to open the store or choose to open shop, this is a problem, is a problem plagued many people, so we now have to analyze, to open the store and open shop, for the mobile phone industry, which is better? read more

Small potato rich Mammon

potato is a lot of people are very familiar with the species, and is one of the countless people are fond of eating food, however, is such a plant variety, but can become rich and great wealth, here Xiaobian take you to know about this case.

and a critical period of land preparation, Dawa town potato germination work is being carried out, in the town of Cao, Dawa bridge north, Liu Jia, Changling, public security and other villages, casually walked into a household, can see the scene of potato sprouting. The town also invited to explain the technical personnel, pollution-free cultivation of new technologies for farmers, for them in the spring production before the full power of science and technology. read more

Zhang three crazy milk tea money to join you

in fact, as long as the entrepreneurial choice of tea to join the project, is a very choice of business opportunities. Zhang three crazy tea to join the project, has the advantage of choice, worthy of our attention and choice. So, entrepreneurship to choose to join Zhang three crazy milk tea?

hot summer, hot weather, a crazy tea became the darling of three". Opened three crazy milk tea shop also brings a huge wealth for the majority of entrepreneurs. Join the three mad tea, large market potential, can not lose! The new restaurant, to create unlimited business opportunities. Tea demand has hit a new high in previous years, this time to invest in a three crazy milk tea shop is not a particularly good choice? The answer is YES read more

Join Mengxue bard gelato how

dessert market, has been a very strong choice. In fact, the choice of entrepreneurial dessert project, open a store belonging to their own, is also a very good choice. So, to choose to join Mengxue ice gelato? Open an ice cream shop, is also a very good choice oh!

joined Mengxue bard gelato? The ice cream product variety, new collocation, create more valuable hot sale combination, and constantly updated new fashion, Mengxue bard let you win at the starting line. Mengxue and bard gelato innovative products more creative features too wonderful for words, style, full of new ideas, new fashion irresistible read more

Small cloth Lou Jia big career achievement

selling shoes may be able to earn a sum of money, but how much? Not to mention this to achieve their own career. So, there are very few entrepreneurs by selling shoes to get rich. However, the protagonist is different, Lou Jia by virtue of their efforts and the pursuit of beauty, creating a big business for their own shoes, bring more good products for your shoes.

"90" has always been a controversial group, remember to go to school when the teacher said, "after 90" is a let her feel unbelievable groups, they are good to make 70,80 the fear of talent, but also makes people a headache naughty. But over time, "90" started to enter the society, writing their life, it seems everyone on this group is no longer too much attention, they belong to the rebellious era is over, now what are they doing? read more

The choice of self employment must be psychologically prepared

each entrepreneur in the choice of their own business, you need to do is their own investment, entrepreneurs in the field did not get involved in this field should have a good state of mind, and do a good job of psychological preparation.

individual business owners are different from the general wage earners. In the individual enterprise, you must always be flexible, and the need to continue to make things out of the sale, familiar with the financial turnover, to be able to save, can get along well with people. read more