Month: April 2017

Lock the results into the system safe

Since educational practice since the implementation of the rectification, establish a new system of Huangzhong County, ideology is not loose, strength reduction, based on long-term, focusing on long-term, actively planning and promoting an institutional mechanism for curing the results of educational practice, fully grasp the jianzhanglizhi work. Hold on the jianzhanglizhi overall grasp the key point of total and breakthrough, adjust the quasi heart, aimed at the target, to grasp the jianzhanglizhi work to lay a solid foundation, combined with the "looking back", according to solicit opinions, revealing the problems, take a top-down and bottom-up two the way of combing the existing rules and regulations, through the joint meeting of grassroots research seminars, etc., will be the central and provincial, municipal Party committee proposed the "waste, change," the principle of further specific localization of each need to waste, change, legislation regulations are put forward "what" the overall goal; always adhere to the two standards to ensure that the rules and regulations of the pertinence and practicability, connected to gas, strengthen confidence, to avoid the jianzhanglizhi formality to strengthen support, to build county planning For work, the system around the "why", "what" and "how", "how to use" to fully grasp the truth, to judge the compression problem, discretion of punishment execution, ensure the minefield at a glance, red line is clearly visible, and enhance the system itself and the system of executive power; focus on the main responsibility and the responsibility to ensure that the rules and the results of its effectiveness, the system obtains a long-term, grasp of the "hand", raised the "bull whip", providing weapons for the establishment of long-term effective working methods continue to adhere to the "a" catch and "leaders", strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the system. To find the problem in the implementation of rules and regulations, supervise the timely implementation of the rectification, to find the violation of rules and regulations of the people and things, to discover severely dealt with . Up to now, Huangzhong county level abolished the system 4, revised and improved the plan, the establishment of the system of the 12 items of the plan.   read more

A group of three micro to help the masses to achieve micro wish

service to further broaden the channels for the people and serving members of the rich service carrier, ensure that the working party members into the community to make new progress, and make new achievements in Datong County in promoting the "Three Basics" work plan, continue to serve the people of new ideas, new initiatives to promote innovation, build a working party to play the role of "a group of three micro platform in 22 communities in the county, opening up a new front party serving the masses activities.
pair platform QQ group. The community has established QQ twinning platform, timely working party name and contact information, expertise, work units and community difficulties of the masses of basic information input to the information bar, to further enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of twinning, can not meet the purpose of helping the project will be able to claim. Up to now, the county has 3038 working party members and some of the difficulties of the party and the masses of the 22 communities formed a subsidiary. WeChat platform. In the WeChat public platform to open the party members into the community activities column, timely broadcast of the work of Party members into the community dynamics. Up to now, has been broadcast dynamic work information 36, covering the party members and the masses of 34800 people. Micro lectures learning platform. The working party according to their own actual work and community party members learning needs, flexible selection of teaching content, in addition to explain the party’s line, principles and policies of content, micro lectures also timely carry out rich technical training, independent warning, business skills counseling based "". Micro wish platform. In order to ensure the achievement of tangible results in the difficulties of the masses of the party serving the community twinning activities, so that everyone become a community party serving the masses of Party members and the difficult dream Ambassador service star, the community also organized on-the-job party to carry out micro aspiration and collect unclaimed activities. Up to now, the community collected a total of 195 micro wish, the incumbent party members have claimed and fulfill the micro wish of the 101.
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Furniture stores to buy furniture is not only the best wood

furniture, in our lives, has been a very strong brand to join the project. Furniture store? For investors, is the best choice for our business worries. So, what are you hesitating about?

a lot of customers in the furniture store to see a product, the first sentence is to ask whether it is all solid wood? Hear a negative answer, and walked away. In fact, this is their lack of understanding of modern panel furniture.

we are in the home store, often hear the customer’s question is: this furniture is not solid wood? Hear a negative answer, immediately turned away, in fact, this is the reason for their lack of understanding of the modern type of Home Furnishing. read more

Insist on maintaining stability in the general work guideline overall grasp of production safety wor

12 13 to 16, vice governor Wang Liming went to Haixi Mongolian and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Haixi research and development work conference on the implementation of the situation and focus on enterprise production and management, project construction and production safety work.

Wang Liming visited the Golmud Navy industrial park enterprises, Yiliping, Taiwan, Dongtai lithium mangnai enterprise, Qinghai chuang’an company, Qinghai group company, Huatugou crude oil production base, Qinghai energy fish card company research, visited the front-line workers, and enterprises responsible person on the quality and efficiency of transformation and development, and the construction of the party production safety work and in-depth conversation, and on-site office, study and solve production and management difficulties, supervision and coordination of key projects to accelerate the progress of construction. read more

Forestry industry reform action plan will be introduced

By deepening the reform of forestry, the development of green and rich industries, a win-win campaign of ecological and forestry industry is about to begin. January 7th, the reporter learned from the relevant departments of the city, Xining forestry reform to speed up the development of forestry industry action plan will soon be introduced. As the capital city of Xining, a location richly endowed by nature superiority in the development of forestry industry, relying on Xining and the province’s tourism market on the one hand, can fully exploit the forest tourism resources, forest tourism industry bigger and stronger, the forest tourism has become an important part of the city’s tourism resources. On the other hand can make use of the market, scientific research, talent and deep processing advantages in forestry industry production, processing, circulation and sales, play the regional advantages of Xining forestry industry, revitalize the resources, enhance the level of development of forestry industry. But from the current point of view, the overall level of our city forestry industry development is lagging behind, in addition to seedling industry has a certain scale, which belongs to the stage of forest tourism promotion, forest cultivation, forest farming and forest products processing industry is still in the initial stage, has not formed the industry scale. To accelerate the reform of forestry industry to accelerate the development of forestry, the city plans to use 3 years to complete the relevant reform. The main contents of this paper include: Deepening the reform of collective forest right system, on the basis of consolidating the results of the reform of collective forest rights, and actively cultivating the new type of rural forestry management subjects, promoting the collective forest rights transfer. To explore and promote the forest resource assets, the market, the main is to revitalize the state-owned forest resources assets, through the reform of state owned forest resources to achieve to the assets and capital transfer, establish the evaluation system of forest resources and forest resources assets management system, establish and perfect the management system of forestry industry, and cultivate the modern forestry industry market system. Cultivation of forestry leading industry, the use of the city’s forest landscape resources, accelerate the development of forest tourism industry, based on the existing seedling industry, strengthen seedling industry, support leading enterprises, do fine products processing and challenge the development of forest products industry. At the same time, increase financial support, the establishment of forestry industry investment and financing policy, with good use of private capital.   read more

City fair signed 66 agreements funds grew by 36 billion 300 million over last year’s growth of 43.5%

September 28th, the city of Xining Silk Road and the glorious cause of the 2015 Xining Urban Development Investment Fair (hereinafter referred to as the city fair) work summary. The meeting summed up the main achievements of the current city fair to arrange the next focus. This fair city signed a total of 66 projects, total agreement funds 36 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 43.5% over the previous, and further enhance the effectiveness of creative exhibition, office level, grade, quality than the previous new upgrade, to achieve the expected goals.

businessmen level

after pre prepared and carefully combed, and effective "business to point", this fair city launched a total of 168 projects, a total investment of 183 billion 300 million yuan, including agriculture, industry, trade, cultural tourism, real estate development, city construction and other fields. A total of 66 contracted projects, the total agreement funds of $36 billion 300 million, an increase of 43.5% over the previous contract to further expand the scale of the project, the quality has improved. Among them, industrial class 11, 4 billion 560 million yuan investment in agriculture and animal husbandry; 3, the investment amounted to 1 billion 150 million yuan; circulation 14, investment of 10 billion 990 million yuan; city and ecological construction of class 24, the investment amounted to 16 billion 696 million yuan; 11 kinds of cultural tourism, investment of 2 billion 680 million yuan; the other 3. Investment of 174 million yuan. The signing of a number of key projects will effectively promote the economic and social sustainable and healthy development of Xining.

the fair city of Xining City, actively carry out the glorious career entrepreneurs investment study activities, organization of Guangcai entrepreneurs went to Xining Park, the county on-the-spot investigation, wide range of promotional resources and development conditions of Xining development, there are prospects for cooperation on the part of the project carried out preliminary docking, reached a preliminary cooperation intention 50 in agriculture, industry, commerce, information, real estate development and other fields, domestic customers negotiate intention investment projects in 37, won the intention to negotiate project 13 investment.

image display fully the special exhibition of innovation
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Xining City, the tax rate of clean government cultural activities kicked off

7 4, 2009, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Taxation and the western mining Limited by Share Ltd jointly organized the "tax enterprise honest culture month" kicked off. The culture is an important part of the Xining City National Tax System "fourth tax culture" activities, the provincial civilization office, the Provincial State Taxation Bureau, the municipal government, the NPC and CPPCC, Municipal Committee of civilization, municipal organs, IRS, western mining company leadership system and 300 Western Mining Bureau number of cadres and workers to participate in the opening ceremony. read more

Create integrated kitchen brand urgent

consumer brand awareness is growing, many integrated kitchen brands are eager to promote their own brands. Indeed, many consumers in the purchase of integrated stoves, are often directed at a certain brand of integrated kitchen, which reflects the advantages of the brand. So, how to build integrated kitchen enterprise brand advantage, how to quickly seize the advantageous position in the integrated kitchen industry, how to obtain the trust of consumers?

create integrated kitchen brand, not urgent. In the integration of the kitchen industry in the integration of enterprises are struggling to focus. Regardless of the size of the enterprise, the brand in the minds of the various business owners in the weight is more and more heavy. Consumers in the purchase of integrated stoves, are often directed at a certain brand of integrated kitchen, which reflects the advantages of the brand. So, how to build integrated kitchen enterprise brand advantage, how to quickly seize the advantageous position in the integrated kitchen industry, how to obtain the trust of consumers? read more

Chaoyang office to carry out free family planning services

in order to allow more foreign users to enjoy the city people and the family planning service, this year, Seongbuk Chaoyang office to roll out the work of family planning services in the area of 10, effectively protect the basic rights of floating population.

Chaoyang office area is the northern part of the settlement of the population, has been a blind spot for family planning. Many foreign population too troublesome, or fear of delay time, always ignore the family planning examination. In order to allow them to learn more about pre pregnancy knowledge, to understand their physical condition, Chaoyang office staff will be born into the family planning services more mobile population market. read more

Air pollution control in action

in order to improve the quality of atmospheric environment in Xining city and livable index, Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to strengthen the inspection of key sources of air pollution and dust pollution units, pay close attention to the implementation of the construction site dust pollution prevention and control measures. In order to ensure the construction site dust control in the construction process of rectification in place, in September 13th, the city’s deputy director Fan Guoqing and the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau law enforcement officers who carried out the on-site inspection of the North District government, Biological Park Management Committee, Gan River Industrial Park Administrative Committee under the jurisdiction of the construction site and industrial enterprises. read more

Folklore experts advise people to climb civilization

Double Ninth Festival is the festival of the elderly, a symbol of health and longevity of the elderly, young people pray for peace and good days. This day should be peaceful, happy blessing day, should be far away from garbage, pollution and other uncivilized words. This newspaper recently published a number of articles for the uncivilized behavior of the high, but in many folk expert eyes, many old customs are climbing as Nanshan environment clogging, they agreed that the festival’s greatest pleasure is to abandon the old customs, ecological protection will be put in the first one. read more

Wuhan 1092 sets of public rental housing

Now a lot of

city in order to promote the students some young entrepreneurs have activities in the society to build a good platform for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial environment in Hubei, Wuhan for entrepreneurs to provide 1092 units of public rental apartments for business.

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Xining actively linked to the 12th Five-Year total emissions of major pollutants and emission reduct

Xining municipal government deputy mayor Xu Guocheng led the relevant departments to the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau report in Xining "11th Five-Year" total amount of major pollutants control, further convergence of "12th Five-Year" pollutant emission control and emission reduction targets

Xining municipal government deputy mayor Xu Guocheng led the relevant departments to the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau report in Xining "11th Five-Year" total amount of major pollutants control, further convergence of "12th Five-Year" pollutant emission control and emission reduction targets. read more

Xining West District 62 projects for the development of building blocks

organization and implementation of the construction of 62 projects, focusing on areas such as the demolition and transformation of the youth lane and the south of the mountain green Ditch Road Construction projects…… This year, the Western District adhere to the investment as the first driver, firmly set up large projects led to the development of large projects to bring the concept of large income, to promote the construction of large projects in the western development.

this year, the west district will organize the implementation of construction projects 62, of which government investment projects 51, plans to complete the investment of 675 million yuan. We will improve the coordination and coordination of key projects and solve problems, do a good job in project approval, land use and other services, and urge the project to start early, early construction, early results. The expansion of investment, the implementation of a number of active consumption growth, major projects to improve the city function, highlight the value of the industry, to create a good atmosphere of love, business, business. Enhance the level of consumption, accelerate the development of life of service, focus on tourism, logistics, trade and other key industries, innovation of credit, leasing, online shopping and other new forms of consumption, enhance the quality and efficiency of consumption, consumption stimulate economic growth. To cultivate the market main body, play a role in the third industry development service center and entrepreneurship incubation service center, to further implement the tax relief, venue rental and other policies and measures to encourage and support small and micro enterprises, development and growth of new industries, to inject new vitality into the economic development. read more

The Macao Orchestra for summer music feast

July 7th, the Macao Philharmonic Symphony Concert – visit to Qinghai tianyoude music nights in Qinghai grand theater.

concert kicked off in the opera "magic catapult" Overture, as the concert is the conductor of the Macao Philharmonic music director Lv Jia. The audience also listened to the performance of "the little sisters of the grassland" and "the spring of the Tianshan Mountains" by Zhang Hongyan, a contemporary Chinese Pipa performer. The concert ended with the end of the Ninth Symphony in E minor, "new world". read more

Xining health work to close to the people’s participation rate has reached 98.83%

 , December 22nd, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Health Bureau, Xining city health work this year to close to the people, to raise the level of funding for new rural cooperative medical care, so that more farmers benefit from. This year, the proportion of farmers in Xining has reached 941527 people, compared with the previous year, an increase of more than 34519 people, the participation rate has reached 98.83%, and then a new high rate of new agricultural cooperatives.

in order to allow more farmers to benefit from the new rural cooperative medical system to further solve the problem of difficult and expensive to see a doctor. In July 1st this year, Xining officially launched the new rural cooperative medical standards and improve the overall management of the city of Xining ncms. Through the adjustment and the establishment of a unified new rural cooperative medical scheme and detailed rules, it can effectively strengthen the security capacity of the new rural cooperative medical system in Xining, and improve the income level of farmers involved in the new rural cooperative medical system. read more

This is the most beautiful country voted for JPMorgan Chase

‘s first "Xinhe Cup" 10 beautiful countryside contest P today ushered in the moment, 20 candidate Township and villages began to accept the masses voting.

‘s first "Xinhe Cup" 10 beautiful countryside contest since its launch in early April this year, to get the attention of the masses and the township and the relevant departments of the enthusiastic participation, a good response in the society, a group of beautiful countryside the unique charm of the show in front of us. Adhere to the principles of openness and fairness, through the township, the village, the community recommendation, by selection of activities leading group agreed, and seek the views of family planning, comprehensive management, safety supervision, discipline inspection and other related departments, identified 20 candidate beautiful village and township and town in the new China net Qinghai channel Datong, Xining evening news, television and other media publicity, welcome to the community to actively participate in the vote. In this paper, the network selection activities can choose two ways to vote, paper ballots from the Xining Evening News Edition A15 copy, but must be with the original vote the same size, you can also download the Word file format to print from the ballot Qinghai channel; Internet voting in the Qinghai channel on voting Vote as of June 12th. (author: Zhang Wang Zhizhong)
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Xining City District built a community of minors counseling Station

recently, Xining City Party Committee Propaganda Department jointly Nanchuan Road office invested more than 50 yuan, in the long Thai communities set up the city’s first minors school psychological counseling studio.

this counseling center to the community service center as a platform, with a psychological therapeutic room, mind reading room, hypnotic room, emotional catharsis room, hire a permanent professional counselors 2. Take professional counselors counseling Station + volunteer service mode, by opening up service hotline (6271526) and other ways to expand the training to carry out mental and psychological lectures, for the region of minors to provide free counseling and mental health education, training, evaluation and counseling, psychological crisis intervention services. Psychological counseling experts also regularly go deep into the community, schools to carry out lectures on mental health knowledge, the organization of physical and mental health of minors to investigate and publish mental health early warning reports. Since the trial run of the counseling center, it has held a number of lectures on mental health, which has benefited more than 100 minors. (author: Su Jianping Zhang Yongzhi)
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