Month: May 2017

Men’s casual clothing stores shop guide

casual menswear market prospects, many entrepreneurs choose leisure men’s clothing stores, want to successy store business, need to be able to firmly grasp the market, for entrepreneurs, but also master the management skills. So in the operation of casual men’s franchise stores, in order to do a good job in sales to enhance sales.

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Entrepreneurship Policy

in response to the national call, entrepreneurial boom is also more and more high, if you want to start, you think you are suitable for self employment, what are the national entrepreneurship policy, need to pay attention to what matters, this small series for you to read.

A, individual business license to bid?

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Chengdu high tech Zone the capital of the city’s high-tech model

Business incubator

across the country have been established, "China Silicon Valley" in Zhongguancun, Chengdu has a business, the development of Chengdu high tech Zone is very fast, is a new model of entrepreneurship "".

A new force suddenly rises. If you use a word to describe the 2015 Chengdu hi tech Zone, the word is the most appropriate.

2015, Chengdu high tech Zone industrial output value exceeded 300 billion yuan, not only to become the first to achieve this achievement in Sichuan Industrial Park, and its size is also ranked the forefront of the national high-tech zones. Under the pressure of the domestic economic downturn, Chengdu to develop new ideas, to take new initiatives, the initiative to adapt to the new normal economic development, to achieve a contrarian growth of the economy. read more

Join the small bubble Hot pot back to the fast

the pace of life is becoming faster and faster, and we have a great demand for fast food. How about a little hot pot? Both delicious hot pot, but also to enjoy the demand for fast food. How to choose small bubble bubble? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship!

, a unique pot: do not underestimate this pot, size, material, style it is through professional design Brand Company bubble Hot pot, pot depth, diameter are standard size, the reason for this design, that is to make customers eat more comfortable and more convenient. read more

Do electricity supplier to Chengdu logistics cost is low

Internet plus era, the electricity supplier has been in continuous hot development. But in the development process, the electricity supplier will face a series of problems, such as cost control, involving logistics. Mr. Zhang, who runs an outdoor products company in Guangzhou, mainly sells goods online. Although the company in Guangzhou, but Mr. Zhang built the warehouse in Chengdu. Do electricity supplier to Chengdu, low logistics costs, Zhang is the biggest reason for the choice of Chengdu, we have a detailed understanding of the following. read more

Increase the import of fresh fruits of imported fruits can reach Ningbo Airport

consumers are now eating, the hands of more money later, not only want to eat what they see, but also very interested in foreign things! Ningbo inspection and Quarantine Bureau announced that, in January 18th, a plane carrying the Australian "cherries" flight landed at Ningbo Lishe International Airport, this is the first batch of imported fruits in Ningbo airport fruits designated ports of entry at the end of last year approved in, marking the Ningbo airport fruits designated ports of entry run successy. read more

College students to have what hardware

now many college students venture completely is a trend that is not willing to endure hardship or their psychological mischief and abruptly went on the road to entrepreneurship, however, want to get the entrepreneurial success is facing an intolerable risk. In fact, if you want to get the success of college students, but also need to have the relevant hardware. So, college students to have what hardware?

hardware one: Entrepreneurship knowledge reserves

have empty talk is very easy to fall into the errors in students. Because they stay on campus for a long time, lack of understanding of the community, especially in the market development, business operations experience is quite scarce. Therefore, college students should be well prepared before, on the one hand, by the practice of working in enterprises or to accumulate relevant management and marketing experience; on the other hand, rely on entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship knowledge accumulation, receive professional guidance, to improve their own charge, venture into power. read more

NGB播客- 85集-开放的世界和影射PlayStation维塔电视-索尼的特洛伊木马












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马里奥网球公开赛的特殊游戏模式将让你完善你的技能并享受网球比赛与马里奥捻。你会去检查游戏,如超级马里奥网球,这使得一个经典的超级Mario Bros.扭网球钻。当你在玩熟悉的游戏关卡,你可以使用你的网球挥拍跺脚Goombas,沿途koopas





这肯定听起来像一个有趣的任天堂旋网球,就看3D是什么好有趣。你们怎么想让我们知道通过下面的评论部分。 read more

Dongguan entrepreneurial innovation outstanding women now accept registration

as the "half the sky" of the socialist construction, the female entrepreneurs occupy an important position in the entrepreneur. Dongguan will be organized to carry out innovative business elite women’s style show, welcome outstanding women create a positive customer registration, sharing entrepreneurial stories.

to show Dongguan female entrepreneurial style, share of Dongguan City Women’s entrepreneurial dream, the Dongguan Municipal Women’s Federation, the Dongguan Municipal Bureau of human resources will be on 2016 during the 38 International Women’s Day "jointly organized by the Dongguan city women’s entrepreneurship and innovation will share". By then, 10 from the five different categories of outstanding entrepreneurs will come together on stage to tell their story of entrepreneurial innovation, with immediate effect from the public for registration. read more

Join the car beauty brand cars will achieve extraordinary – your business

automotive market hot choice, car beauty brand rise. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the car beauty shop is to make the brand project! But cars will automobilecosmetology brand investment is in progress, want to succeed in business, you should pay attention to!

cars will by Beijing Boyu Chuangjia Auto Service Co. Ltd was founded and the operation mechanism of automobile professional beauty services. In cars as the main business provides members with professional automotive beauty services to members of the vehicle more beautiful, more beautiful, more security for the company’s business objectives. read more

College students operating second-hand bike easily become rich

every year there are a large number of college graduates from the campus, the major universities at this time, there will always be a lot of abandoned bicycles, scattered in every corner of the campus. Henan University of Technology student Liang Peng 90 aimed at the business, the decisive shot, the creation of "free" second-hand bicycle, 3 profit of nearly 150 thousand years, the school became hundred-percent environmental entrepreneurship Master.

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Hainan college students entrepreneurial enthusiasm high

although all over the country for college students have a lot of preferential policies, however, because of different specific policies, so that students will not be the same entrepreneurial passion. The overall enthusiasm of college students in Hainan Province, has become a very important part of the local entrepreneurs.

national decentralization to reduce the market access threshold, but also stimulate the entrepreneurial vitality of College students. According to the National Bureau of Statistics Survey Office of Hainan in Hainan Province set up a new Small and micro businesses and self-employed households sample survey, Hainan Province, the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of students is more and more high, a quarter of college students accounted for first-time Small and micro businesses and the self-employed 18.8%. read more

Yang Mingyu investment braised chicken Steamed Rice make security

want to do a better job, of course, choose the cause of security. How about Yang Mingyu stewed chicken rice? Selection of delicious snacks to join the project. How about joining Yang Mingyu yellow braised chicken rice? The best choice for small business.

chicken has always been a favorite of the people, and many of its themes are very popular. Chicken protein content is high, and easy to be absorbed by the human body, there is the role of physical strength, strong body. Chicken for the treatment of consumptive thin, virtual eat less, diarrhea, dizziness palpitation, irregular menstruation, postpartum less milk, diabetes, edema, urination frequency, spermatorrhea, deafness and tinnitus. Investment Yang Mingyu Huang braised chicken rice, good prospects. read more

Cosmetics stores how to do the decoration

now the entire beauty industry, cosmetics shop business is very hot, at the same time, there are a lot of people in the social life for the cosmetics demand is very big, now open a cosmetics shop, the decoration design is very important.

A, store decoration design to form and surroundings is consistent, must not to break the taboo harmony environment, its shape and style must be unified with the surroundings, the theme should be in line with their business philosophy, to clear the rich layering and charm. read more

Entrepreneurial trap need vigilance

in the course of business, there are a lot of young people, especially young people, it is too quick to eat into a fat, so it is easy to see the road ahead, cause be unbearable to contemplate the consequences.

network fraud

[cases] Mr. Wang is in the business field or climb Gunda for 30 years "old marketing", recently in a well-known e-commerce website to open an account, start online business.

A, Mr. Wang saw a piece of information on the Internet, there is a "high credibility" logo customers provide high-quality low-priced bulk sand, seasoned Mr. Wang did not rush to start, but by the business sector to understand the situation of the supplier. In the confirmation of supplier "identity", Mr. Wang from the home where 30% of the payment in advance, according to the online account exchange in the past. He did not ship the sand, and to urge him home again and again under a nasty delivery, he had to personally went to the receiving of goods. Where Mr. Wang found that the existence of the business, but only steel trade, not to engage in building materials, and never set foot in the field of electronic commerce, the Internet companies, is the fraudster embezzled a copy of the business license of the company after the fictional. Finally, Mr. Wang lost his home several hundred thousand dollars. read more

Entrepreneurial opportunities Pu soft venture cAMP second open national recruitment

is looking for a good platform for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship has the absolute advantage, "Pu soft entrepreneurship cAMP second nationwide open recruitment, this is an opportunity for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial needs attention quickly!

  the day before, "Pu soft entrepreneurship cAMP second nationwide open recruitment, for the TMT industry entrepreneurs open application.

"Pu soft entrepreneurship camp is jointly sponsored by Pu soft incubator and venture capital fund management soft PU Fang Chenhui, for a period of three months of intensive training program. By focusing on training, case analysis, experience sharing, the name of the enterprise visits, etc., to help students achieve the transition from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs. read more

Shop four fatal mistakes – remember the whole

shop entrepreneurship, if accidentally enter the misunderstanding, it is likely that the business will only be in the form of failure in the end, so if we venture capital, nature also need to keep in mind that the shop’s fatal error. Shop friends, often do not pay attention to their potential risks. I shop for many years, so many years, I have accumulated a lot of experience in the shop. I hope to write down and give a new and old friends to share, so that we have a good grasp.

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