Month: June 2017

Coach a year how much money can be made for you

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Some skills of rural supermarket chain store design

is now in the rural areas has a very broad social resources in rural areas, at the same time, because the business is not very developed, and the whole social commodity market demand is very large, so set up in rural areas, some supermarket chains are very profitable.

2005 in February, the Ministry of Commerce in the country launched the "million rural village market project" construction, sounded the clarion call to enter the rural supermarket chains.   6  over the years, supermarket chains in rural areas have been greatly developed, so that farmers enjoy the convenience of modern commercial circulation and benefits, but also for operators to bring a certain amount of income. read more

Real Kung Fu Restaurant so many advantages

market is how to form, is the formation of the supply of consumer demand, as long as there is demand there will be market. How to do the market saturation, the creation of features to attract consumers, which is a key move, but also a winning step. Catering venture capital is also so.

Kung Fu Restaurant Management Co., Ltd., founded in 1990, the number of outlets and the scale of development in the country are more, is China’s most influential brand of Chinese fast food. Kung Fu in 1997, independent research and development of computer controlled steam cabinet, the world’s first to overcome Chinese standardization problems, explore a new road of development of Chinese fast food, Chinese food industry has realized the "industrialization" and "no cook" and "thousands of food quality of a long cherished wish. More than and 20 years, Kung Fu created Chinese fast food three standard operation system: logistics production standardization, cooking equipment standardization, restaurant operation standard, in three aspects of quality, service, cleanliness, fully in line with international standards. Since the first restaurant, real Kung Fu has been the main steam products featuring Chinese fast food. With the "standard" on the intensive and meticulous farming from the birthplace of Dongguan, Kung Fu, since 1999, has stationed in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Tianjin, Wuhan, Fuzhou, Zhengzhou, Changsha more than and 30 city, becoming a national chain of the development of Chinese fast food enterprises. So how do you join read more

Temple fair selling skewers rich

summer food market is the most attention is the string. Although it is only a relatively small number of investment projects, but the profit space is amazing. An entrepreneur in Beijing temple fair selling skewers, the successful realization of wealth dream. Let me have a look at his rich experience.

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Love apartment 5 suspected shooting makers can meet

"love apartment" TV series is the favorite of young people, but also to cultivate a large number of audience favorite, but also a very good actor. Therefore, the recent love apartment 5 suspected of shooting the news has been concerned about the netizens, creative people who can not gather the focus has become the focus of attention.

4 on the evening of 2 August, "love apartment" in the play Mika Li Jinming bursts of two micro-blog, micro-blog revealed the details of suspected "love apartments 5" will be shooting information. Li Jinming’s first micro-blog looks like a "love apartment," the script, which not only shows a "love" word, the upper right corner, as well as screenwriter Wang Wei, Director Wei Zheng name. Wang Yuan and Wei Zhengzheng are the writers and directors of "love apartment" series. Second micro-blog was only one self, but the self as the special background of Hu Yifei and her family, and the other is "love apartment" in the other similar Mika, a lot of friends that love apartment 5 will start shooting. read more

Lining had to rely on his own efforts to get out of the woods

we know whether it is a person, or a process, can not be smooth sailing, there is a peak, there is a trough. Therefore, the frustration of life is inevitable. The following Xiaobian for everyone to answer how Lining should get rid of the dilemma.

introduction of investment fund is an important means to help get rid of the dilemma, but Lining is really out of the woods have to rely on their own efforts.

by the decline in performance trapped Lining has finally ushered in a good news, has a wealth of operational experience and talent of the retail industry as a strategic investor into the capital of Lining TPG. TPG will provide strategic and operational support for the development and growth of Li Ning Co, the good news so that Lining shares rose 21% in the subsequent trading days of two. read more

Taobao search ranking rules you know how much

when people want to buy things on the Internet, first of all, according to keyword search, your product name in line with the requirements of people’s search, it is likely to appear in the search page, more people are concerned about. Sellers want to achieve this goal, first of all need to be familiar with Taobao search rules and algorithms.

Four, a


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Ministry of education to encourage students to start again

is another year of graduation season, and a large number of college students out of school, came to the community, employment and entrepreneurship these two roads in the face of countless College graduates. Jing Degang, deputy director of the Ministry of education, college students to talk about the work of college students, to encourage college students to start a business.

Talking about the employment of college students read more

How to get a bank loan

has enough funds to carry out a flexible career, it is almost impossible, the loan has become a lot of people preferred sources of venture capital, but more than one person, although banks want to make money, but also afraid of not being paid, so the approval of the loan application is more and more strict, below small your weapon about bank loans to, how should you get!

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How much coffee shop to join the coffee market prospects

to discuss business cooperation and leisure time to relax, a lot of white-collar workers like to go to a nearby coffee shop, which is also a common phenomenon in many cities. In the coffee shop, and now consumers will choose with a certain brand of coffee shop, where the environment is more comfortable, drink a cup of coffee, is also a good way to relax. With the increase in the demand for coffee shops, many areas are also a lack of brand coffee shop, which is also a lot of opportunities for young people who want to start a business. So if you want to open a coffee shop in the area of white-collar focus, you need to know how much money to join the coffee shop, how to better open such a coffee shop. read more

What are the key points to pay attention to when starting a business

business people in the market too many to count in the course of business, in fact, there are many things we should pay attention to, we should fully understand the market, when we are too much in the process and inextricably bogged down in the problem is not found. If you can not find the problem, you will lose, certainly can not achieve results. Self observation is needed.

1. direction. Direction is the first important indicator of entrepreneurship and development, is why you struggle. The direction is not the goal, the goal has the destination, but the direction forever does not have the end point. For young people and entrepreneurs, the direction is very important. It’s hard to say, even if we are very stupid, as long as we adhere to a correct direction, has always insisted that it will achieve good results. With the direction, the goal will be more clear, but also more effective management objectives. read more

Maintain customer relationship to keep customers in store

in order to be able to store more customers, and now a lot of shops but under a very big effort. In short, as a store operator, should focus on how to train every customer into repeat customers, this is the secret of the long-term development of the store business. We should treat customers as friends, chat with each other, so as to cultivate customer loyalty. My experience is: to create a file for customers.

my shop is located in the rural areas, the main consumer groups shop is the villagers to the village near my home, I was a native, most of the villagers are familiar with the situation at home in the village, which I collect customer information, provide favorable conditions for the establishment of customer files. The customer’s name, date of birth, marital status, children, contact information, as well as preferences and preferences in my little book remember clearly. read more

Lingyun the first rural migrant workers across the rural cooperative venture base

now migrant workers entrepreneurship has become very common, and in some places in order to attract other local migrant workers who come to business launched a lot of good social policies and measures, recently, migrant workers across the rural cooperative business base founded in Guangxi Lingyun established.

9 2, the first Lingyun county jointly established by Lingyun County under a ping Huai Cun and Yu Hong Yao Township village of Jiujiang youth migrant workers across the rural cooperative business base was established in Jiujiang village of Yu Hong Yao Zu Xiang, this is a bold attempt to implement precise poverty alleviation in Lingyun County, is the advanced industry and the first folk village of Hou Jincun independent marriage, which has taken a "rich to help the poor, with the development of" win-win cooperation in the new road of poverty alleviation. read more

On the road of jewelry joining

today’s society, the jewelry industry has developed very well. Moreover, the jewelry to join the brand is also increasing, with the increasing number of jewelry franchisee. So, in the end how to go jewelry to join the road of entrepreneurship? Here we talk about it, there is a need to know can look at!

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Starting from prison break

"prison break" is a very red fire in recent years, the United States of America, the ratings continue to increase ratings, won a lot of praise, much like the audience! So, "prison break" and what are the relevance of entrepreneurship, what are the links? May wish to come together to understand!

Funding and execution (
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Small businesses do well on how the string you see Hot pot

many food and beverage business success, are starting from a small business, the accumulation of popularity earned reputation after a step by step to grow up. The small business we are willing to choose snacks. People who have entrepreneurial ideas will ask: so many snacks, which one will choose to make money? Don’t worry about how you look at this snack item?

said on the string Hot pot belonging to the Chongqing public road catering management limited. The company was established in 2013, in recent years, the economic situation and market demand, after 2014-2015 years of in-depth market research and development, to create a set of traditional Hot pot and Chuanchuan Xiang advantage in one of the new format string "on the Hot pot" brand, and in May 15, 2015 in Longxi, set up the first outlets. read more

What are the requirements for cabin barbecue grill

barbecue franchise shop to do a large number of brands have joined the cabin barbecue, then what is the barbecue grill, you want to join the barbecue shop to see the introduction of small series!

2006 barbecue grill on the Internet for the first time in the Chinese and English domain name, this year, the National Trademark Office approved the "wood barbecue" registered trademark. In the log cabin highlights the median Chinese grilled tone to ensure product quality;, mainly meat were purchased directly from the North Green 6 old lamb; the main seasoning were purchased from supermarkets, Metro Sam shop. read more

Expand the direct financing channels of enterprises and the integration of manufacturing and capital

in order to start-up companies or small and micro enterprises to better development, Panyu is to further expand the direct financing channels for the development of many enterprises to create more resources to create a good entrepreneurial environment.

3 30, Guangzhou Panyu venture investment partnership in the long International Exhibition Center held the opening ceremony, the national Torch Center Director Li Wenlei, deputy director of the provincial science and Technology Department of Finance deputy director of planning, Ye Jingtu and Han Yaxin, deputy director of Guangzhou city by Zhan Decun and finance director Ouyang Bin He Rucheng, deputy secretary, mayor, district standing committee, deputy mayor Chen Dejun, Minister of the Organization Department of the Party committee, Huo Yang, vice mayor Yang Weiqiang attended the Panyu venture and jointly inaugurated. read more

Small entrepreneurs should sell in winter

winter will come to buy, this is a number of entrepreneurs to provide entrepreneurial motivation, but so many entrepreneurs, what is the best time to sell it? Here, Xiao Bian will explore this issue with you.

1. thermal underwear

both at the mall or where there are a lot of people started underwear sales, but also to the early winter season begins with a lot of people begin to prepare for the winter clothing, for the sale of such products do not need to put all the clothes are hanging out, as long as the use of a set of samples to hang when you can. The cost is not too high, but also relatively easy to shut down. read more

Home lovers jewelry store to win you a huge profit

a lot of entrepreneurs in the choice of joining the project will tangle, because now all walks of life have business opportunities, so I do not know which project to choose. Good projects should be from the market demand and development prospects, the jewelry industry is now such a good business projects. The market for lovers jewelry has a high demand, and the industry has broad prospects.

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Open Chinese fast food stores to avoid what errors

although in recent years the western fast food industry rising popularity, and people with Chinese fast food or Chinese fast food franchise great favor, the development prospects of the industry, would like to open a Chinese fast food stores to get rich, it is necessary to master some know-how, avoid some mistake.

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Men’s shop and set up their own independent shop

do you also want to open men’s clothing store? You are not in the end is a good self – shop, or open to join the chain? Many friends will ask Xiao Bian such a problem. Men’s clothing store and join the independent shop which fly? Today, there are two shops are generally open shop mode, independent shop and join the shop, men’s shop is the same, today on the advantages and disadvantages of these two ways to shop to introduce!

before open men’s clothing store shop, the first point is clear, you are operating independently to men’s clothing retail stores, or stores open men’s brand joint. Men’s clothing store and join the independent shop which fly? No matter what kind of shops, in general, the need to open men’s shop and store size, business type, business methods and competitors have a great relationship. read more

Old shop into a new dynamic business is more popular

decades old shop, unless it is some old customers, new customers after the door, the first visual sense is not good, want to achieve the transaction, will naturally have more difficulties. I run a department store wholesale tobacco and liquor is a fast twenty years old shop. At the beginning of the gorgeous beautiful supermarket shelves and smoke wine cabinet, in the town is really a scenery. At that time, little street one or two serious supermarket. As I do wholesale business of department stores, most of the old old-fashioned shelves, my wholesale department because of the change of the supermarket shelves and immediately became a different, business also followed a lot of good. read more

Invest notice matters

now, get rich people too busy to attend to all projects, the continuous improvement of living standards, then hand off down. So have to look for investment development projects, but in your busy time, do you take into account the impact of some factors on your investment

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