Month: July 2017

Six months of successful experience sharing

I’ve been in touch with the Internet since 99 years ago, because I was still in school, so I had little contact with it. I only knew how to play QQ. At that time it seems to be called OICQ, and that is no addiction, just feel difficult to type, and so on the keyboard, I can not find the keys, chat a few times, no chat. Later on high school is the computer, when the computer profession is a popular professional, not much, talk about business.

The real contact site

, is at the end of last year, because it is easy to network in Tianjin, before the development of this website too many things, people watching a lot of websites to make money, do not know how to earn, then only know a membership fee, which know the flow of this stuff can make money ah, in April 19th this year in the third session of the General Assembly webmaster, listen to them all the big webmaster, about the time to think closely reasoned and well argued, should have a good understanding of what the site, back with "stationmaster" magazine for a week. Just know a little later for work, together with our manager on site operation, finally found the site made is a beginning, just like World of Warcraft, born to 60 is started, the key lies in the operation. read more

Personal webmaster should try to avoid some of the mistakes in the building site

, no matter who, there are inevitably mistakes, personal Adsense is no exception, especially some novice adsense. In order to make fewer mistakes, avoid the same mistake and not make two mistakes. It is necessary to talk about this topic and hope to be a reference to the novice.

personal site positioning error

who know the positioning of personal website is very important, if the positioning errors, future development will be more difficult! For example some personal website content does not cover and contain everything to highlight its own characteristics, and don’t also want to be like Sina as the portal site? read more

The data comes from users and also data analysis

yesterday saw caoz wrote "data analysis this thing", very worthy of depth, after reading, very touched, but also here to write about the data analysis of personal views.

first, in the data analysis I can’t pretend not master, many analysis algorithms will not use any statistical tools, will only be silly to stare. But I really like to read all kinds of data. I watch all kinds of hardware tests all day long at university. At graduate stage, I watch countless camera and camera evaluation, then I think about the sales of game consoles and games all over the world every week. The work is particularly love the establishment of various statistical system, see all kinds of data, now all the company’s statistical code I wrote it myself, working every day will take the time to study the data of nearly 30%, at least can be regarded as a data analysis of hundred-percent lovers. read more

Teach you how to write soft text dumpster article

here is to show the novice, veteran flash! Like a warrior said that I shot dead. (oh, a joke) soft, so in the end what is soft, I do not bother to search Wikipedia, PA dictionary, take some personal understanding of the popular to say about it, "soft" is equivalent to "hard", is a kind of soft article advertisement, but not it is obviously direct advertising, let people see the imperceptibly even very willing to see your site to your web site, Zhishizhizhong didn’t detect your entire article is for this website or web site and write a text ads, straightforward point is implicit. read more

The domain name Godaddy to record the whole process from the network

A few days ago

I have already sent the two article about my domain name, the first is complaining, said the domestic domain is difficult to turn out, "I see the domain name," second article, decide on what path to follow? "Received" code domain transfer network. 00 separate, don’t feel like, here on my turn out after a simple record, I hope useful for everyone.

1, from the difficult

My name is registered here in a proxy nets (then the cheap, do not know, on the domestic domain now think of regret, if directly registered in foreign countries would not be in such trouble), before March 14th, I have been asked the transfer of the domain name of things, he said I have to pay 50. Very angry, do not want to pay, because we all know that the transfer of the domain name registrar should not set up obstacles, and all have said, turn out to be free, he said that the company provides 14 of the time!! I really want to turn out, then contact your agent, pay 50 blocks. The rest of it have a problem! The problem is my Registrant Organization above fill is zenoven, if you want to transfer it to mail zenoven ID card information to the network, which may give million? The answer is the same as the phone call. The agent says there’s another way to transfer online, so you can change that Registrant Organization, but you can roll it out after two years. read more

Why not build a film and television derivatives vertical electricity supplier website

read "Iron Man 3", I want to buy a doll with iron man and iron man themed T-shirt, couldn’t find where to sell! Cinema sales derivatives? No one to take care of, a chicken ribs, as no, searched for the line to line, not a Baidu search where there are sold, with the result of the film There are plenty of people who, after a period of time, I want to buy something on Taobao, but the workmanship and quality are generally rough, even.


build a vertical business website based on selling video related products? read more

What needs to grasp the points open a choker shop

bright neck with a piece of jewelry, it is not very beautiful? Perhaps because of this, the official birth of silver market, and the product is more and more rich. Moreover, the silver has been popular for a long time, so it is difficult to define this trend first is where to start. Neck collar design has just become one of the main fashion. Every tide there are many opportunities for smart people will bring people unexpected surprises, that you have not thought about opening a silver shop?

open shop Choker key: read more

Lei Changbi’s 500 yuan entrepreneurial achievements of great resolution

What can

500 do? Buy a dress? Eat and drink? However, some people with such a small amount of money, through their own efforts and hard work, made a big business, which is the entrepreneurial star – Lei Changbi, and let Xiaobian to you slowly to resolve!

to 500 yuan started, a belly of pregnant women after laid-off re employment, she started from an ordinary hair salon, in just 5 years, just a pair of scissors cut out of the tens of millions of wealth. Yesterday, recalled the hardships of the business year, the 41 year old national re employment Changbi star ray is feeling. read more

How to improve the sales of men’s clothing store

men’s clothing store in the development of the market, in fact, not as good as women’s clothing store. We want to improve the performance of the store, to bring greater market space. How to improve the performance of men’s clothing store? We can learn a lot of successful brands, learn from their business skills, rapid increase in store performance!

brand men’s franchise stores only efforts to innovate the store will have a future, stick to the rules or blindly imitate others, to the end will fail. Any shop, only to show their own characteristics in order to create added value, can not continue to increase customer. Do business will always be difficulties and setbacks, it depends on their own to break through, not for the brand to find a pretext for slow-moving men’s clothing, can not take the opportunity to sell easily. You have to come up with the courage and determination to seek opportunities in innovation. read more

Water quality evaluation of Fuqing city first

water is related to the survival of mankind, for the protection of water resources, is a matter of urgency. But a lot of places, only the rapid development of the economy, while ignoring the water resources, to create serious water pollution hands. Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau of the province’s 5-6 month hundreds of water quality monitoring shows that 67 counties (cities, districts) surface water quality ranked in the bottom 10 are: Fuqing, Shishi, Jinjiang City, Nanping Lianjiang County, Yanping District, Quanzhou Quangang District, Xinluo District, Longyan, Wuping County, Changtai County Zhangpu county. Fuqing scored the lowest, ranked last, the worst water quality. read more