Month: August 2017

On common problems of current Wangzhuan industry.The Taobao battalion needs a qualitative leap

learned a bit about other people’s experiences online, and I found SEO important. In the title of the site, the description of place for keyword optimization and also delete all links. Two weeks later, one of my key words really squeezed into the top ten of sh419, and I was really happy. But happy few days, found the keyword was thrown behind. I believe many people have such experience. The reason is that, although your key words cheated sh419, temporarily unable to cheat a lifetime, keywords up, traffic did not keep up, certainly won’t last long. read more

6 skills for Witkey to improve bid winning rateHow to apply AdSense in the Internet community

major task Witkey website design, program planning, task oriented, so Yuzuo Witkey friends to have the strength. It’s difficult to design LOGO for someone who doesn’t even know PS. Of course, those who have this ability may not be able to win the bid, because the major Witkey websites like clouds, in order to stand out, Witkey must have excellent skills.

is my task is to design LOGO and brochures, employers want my LOGO, I did not fancy brochures, finally, he chose my bid, but the premise is to follow me on his advice to re design brochures, I am willing to. read more

AdSense cross profits and invalid clicksA good shirt dark horse the end of the event, please check s

A good

for AdWords and AdSense do, I’ve had recommended, because AdSense plan policy did not prohibit to do so, not to mention the Chinese AdWords advertising prices outrageous, even lower than the price of sh419 theme promotion, so I recommend you apply Adwords ads to get traffic.

send shirt is over, for advertising webmaster please check shirt. Thank you for your support! The dark horse alliance will continue to organize similar activities to bring benefits to all of you!

of course, the Chinese network environment is very bad, many advertisers like to use some low-level methods of cheating, but also lead to "miscarriage of justice" an increase in the number of factors, while applying for AdSen> read more

NABS, 22, runs CJ, earning $100 thousand a month to share the experience of successCock wire youth s

ask: can you give you a key to success, such as you are found from the book on, what is the key to your success, I have obtained great success in the shlf1314 AdSense, but just to the network marketing, hoping to reach a new height. I know shlf1314 AdSense is a pay for a car, but internet marketing is a reward for getting a house.

1. Not give up 5 minutes before the miracle.

of course, in addition to the world famous reputation, he itself is quite strong contrast small bunkers and grass root of a low degree, can be in after he penned the product was able to repeatedly boarded the hot search, turned red net, a few dollars that can be got abruptly into the billions of big business, carrying the banner of national brands all over the world in a flurry. read more

Also sword please give the network a little free spaceResearch on Chinese search engine

also Zi Jian

once, a classic highlight the characteristics of the network it is very popular: "nobody knows you’re a dog on the internet." But maybe not only someone knows you are a dog on the Internet, but also know that you are what kind of dog! According to the "Chongqing daily" reported that the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau on strengthening the Internet registration management notice has been examined by the municipal government’s Legislative Affairs Office, the notice provisions in their Home Internet should also register in the public security organ, starting from the date of implementation. Refused to perform, light will be warned by the police, heavy will be shut down for six months. This is just like whether you are a good man or a bad man. First of all, take care of you. Besides, this is the management thought and management level of the public security departments in some parts of china!

it is ashamed of, the relevant departments of the government management ideas and management level, like the middle of the three axes, always just a few strokes: either the real name system, or registration management system, but also by Dalian are strikingly similar: prevention of network crime. The extent to which these measures can prevent cybercrime, I do not know, but I know the fact is that because of the network real name system, before the surging of all universities, BBS have withered. Said rudely, network real name registration system and the Internet network is the natural enemy of the free and the killer, I think if the implementation of the two system, the network world after the inevitable and lifeless lifeless, so we need the network network in the world or the world? Or are we in such a network world the real world, the emotion world of the Internet for comfort?

read more

Reflections on Entrepreneurship my personality and my emotions


the Internet for 99 years, I like a lot of people fled, between wear flowers butterflies in countless seemingly huge opportunities for dinner. When I introduce myself, I often hear an exclamation: "Wow, what’s your Chinese department? How did the Chinese department get out of IT?"……

exclamation actually in the heart all think: Chinese department graduates, out of IT, generally difficult, it is not easy to do well.

why? I’ve been thinking about that. The general conclusion is that people generally think that Chinese is a pen pole, which requires perceptual thinking or artistic thinking, while IT is science, needs rational thinking, needs calm and logic. read more

How do news websites make money Take a look at BuzzFeed and Dish

/]BuzzFeed and Dish are the profit models that are subverting traditional news websites, exploring charging news and customizing content advertisements. What are their special features? Will their experiments succeed? Please see this article.


technology news (Jin Yu) January 7th Beijing time news, the "the Atlantic issue" (the Atlantic) online edition recently published a signed for Derek · Thompson (Derek Thompson) the article said that recently, Daily Dish and BuzzFeed of the two online news media invariably released the latest announcement, the two things the seemingly unrelated, and the two media adopt different business model, but it can affect the future of paid online news. read more

2008 webmaster magazine club Shanghai District first exchange meeting summary

No. 22 afternoon 5.30 points Shanghai stationmaster Congress ended, I was finally relieved, thank you very much for sunshine Internet, nine dimensional interactive, oulainuo, I net, shopping, shop sponsorship of the international activities and gifts, but also thanks to the Internet friends (Dong Qinfeng, Cai Liwen, Guo Jijun, Peng tube, hadron) from the field to participate in the meeting, and Shanghai has always supported my webmaster friends read more

The left hand works hard, the right hand expects the childhood, and the network dream strides forwar

said: the most difficult is to cross the bridge to burn the bridge, the most beautiful childhood dream is off, do not laugh at youth, mind than the sky; moxiao frivolous ignorance, chock bucket heaven, because there is a dream.


primary school when I was a naughty, ignorant, run in the wind in the rain, everywhere crazy child, but I also a wise and good child, then just ten years old, wrote "diligently long roll, then with the deep mountain, born unyielding sleeves, fighting the sky ‘, then when from the third grade to the fifth grade, the list of the first is me, then I want to create a world, a person can’t even think of heaven and earth. read more

What kind of website do you need

received a call from a salesman today, the.

of the website

I asked her, "


what kind of website do you think is a good site,


she replied, "


good website is website, beautiful and generous, others on your website, think you have the strength of the company, see the scale of your company, and then good website is more functions;


, this is a network company salesman, understanding of good websites!


sure, she’s not wrong. Whose fault is that, read more

New sites a month time, Baidu home experience sharing

after the Babanu Shopping for Refund network optimization on the Baidu home page, the author made a stand, launched in November 1st, has been a month of time, in fact, 2 of the time the station all words are on the Baidu Google home yesterday, want to write the optimization course of this month. Because yesterday went to climb the mountain trip, no time, today I will borrow A5 excellent platform to me how in a month will be the new optimization on the search engine home experience unreservedly share out. read more

A small IDC with emotion competition is fierce, survival is too difficult

opening: Admin5 station for a long time, the first time published an article here, I do IDC, ha ha, you see IDC words will feel very uncomfortable, do not know what is the reason that we have such a feeling. I just want to talk about my understanding of IDC and a little bit about how IDC develops.

now we all know, the IDC industry is really well done, the competition is very fierce, needless to say, well, the west of Yanhuang billion and so well-known IDC business, said one person selling space is everywhere, meet the eye everywhere. I personally do not contradict individuals to do IDC, of course, is not the kind of their own, and no technology, no experience, renting a server will sell this kind of space. read more

Operational planning and evaluation reports on cross regional websites

I am now a website

operation is cross regional, is a four province common portal, called the four Province nine party websites I operate in more than half a year, there are a lot of ideas to communicate with everybody. Common progress.

1., first of all, we have to establish a website to have its own positioning and connotation. Identify your own niche so that you have potential customers. Four provinces, like nine parties, face four provinces, with more than 200 million people. Some people ask, is there much more to face?. Do I have billions of people all over the country or the whole world? Is it useful? Here, he ignores the features. Do you want to start now to catch up with sina, Tencent, Sohu, and so well-known station, has been impossible, because you are late, early a few years to understand the network almost. So location and meaning are especially important for a website. Positioning should have characteristics, and the content should be unique and rich. Here I will cite my website example for your reference: read more

Operation model analysis of comparison shopping websites

simply said very simple comparison shopping, we have seen this pattern, such as the "Baidu group purchase website" "800 navigation", the two is a group purchase site navigation station, rather than the navigation station, rather than comparison shopping site types, the powerful statistical data and contrast, let users from a number of commodities or services to make the right choice, then buy. This general everyone love actually is nothing more than the contrast parameters of prices and products, as well as other buyers of some evaluation and so on, through a series of contrast, so choose to purchase satisfactory. And shopping comparison website generally only provides the performance of goods, prices and other information comparison services, and do not participate in the purchase process of goods, to ensure fair and just principles. read more

From tomato garden stationmaster caught, talk about the importance of network copyright again

 :      ;     in August 20th, Sina Technology News, tomato garden webmaster Hong Lei website was closed, Hong Lei himself was detained by the police review.

follows the quote:


Francisco August 20th message, modified version of the tomato garden landscaping Windows XP, author of the software download site, the tomato garden ( chief Hong Lei’s father on the evening of 19 22:50 exclusive to Sina confirmed that Hong Lei has been in the 15 day (Friday) was arrested by the police investigation, the site was closed, the server and notebook is Hong Lei the police away, Hong Lei technology development support Chengdu red Technology Co. Ltd. was sealed. read more

How can I do a good job of a website

said, now the site is more and more, but the real wind station management and has been developed and how much? This may we need to investigate. When you have no contact with that of a circle, think it is very good to get, but when you really go, you will find that this kind of thing is that so many people do, the real success of how many


let’s give an example. Among the ten people, two are students, three are unemployed, three are employed, and two are professionals of this type. The "no job" and "the incumbent" mentioned here have nothing to do with the website technology. Let’s guess, the ten, who will succeed? On the surface, may be more potential to a professional website development and management in place, but we really try to explain things, whether is this? In some ways, professional talent that is for sure, but the site this line is too different. Let me analyze, analyze wrong, don’t say me, read more

I’m not Ma, I’m just an ordinary grassroots webmaster

note: This article is a webmaster to share


first started college, full of enthusiasm to this ideal in the ivory tower, you want to build a career! Now, that kind of enthusiasm had no longer exist! Be late, leave early, absenteeism, these are all the managers fail the exam, too, when the university life has passed 3/4, only suddenly, what they did not learn to learn! To what they want so they make


was interested in the Internet just now, but he came to the school to discover what he thought and what he wanted. The data structure, the compiler system… The dry course is let us lose myself! So when I choose to seek further development of the construction site! Here because the temptation is too great! Ma, Robin Li, so let us very envy, so I think I can achieve my future here! When make the decision, I chose to build a a website to make a living, the Spring Festival in 2007, when we rest and family reunion, I was a little bit to plan your site search direction, web site material, I think a lot, the portal station, QQ station, game station and so on, but I have been all negative then on! Edison Chan. I got the information from the Internet! Had the inspiration suddenly, a hot network site, collects network hot things, Southern China tiger, make paper stuffing steamed dumplings and so on sensational network events My confidence is strengthened. I am very excited and think I can succeed. read more

B2B website operations Snowball development should pay attention to the old customers’ shou’

is a business to business e-commerce model for the B2B site, the B2B sites, the accumulation of customers is very important, some B2B sites are often too concerned with the development of new client, too new to "attack" of new customers, and to maintain relationships with old customers, the relative investment is not many. Different from other types of e-commerce sites, B2B website operations, customer accumulation, we should pay attention to "Shou" strategy. By using the method of the snowball, doing everything possible to win more customers at the same time, accelerate the snowball rolling speed at the same time, the sun for his snowball, let the snow snowball in his adhesion does not melt, do not let their old customers, so he will snowball snowball. read more

Baidu VS Alibaba war going on war affected owners

, Baidu, and Alibaba, the two giants of the Internet, have a long history. From the original Baidu alliance and Alibaba’s advertising alliance – Ali mother’s market competition, and later, Baidu has ah, and Taobao two big C2C network contest. Both sides have taken corresponding measures in order to protect their market dominance. Compared to Baidu’s hooliganism, Alibaba is a bit smarter.

, when Baidu, the first Chinese search engine, announced its foray into the C2C field, Taobao blocked Baidu completely. Foreign claims, "Taobao’s analysis of the traffic brought about by Baidu, the user through Baidu search, mainly inquiry and query commodity evaluation, there is no direct volume of transactions.". Taobao believes that these traffic on Taobao’s volume is not much significance, so it will be blocked." read more

Mobile Internet thinking book How far from heaven and hell are you

lens 1: relevant agencies report that the mobile Internet per person longer than the Internet PC Internet, PC users continue to move to the mobile terminal obvious trend.

two: intelligent mobile phone lens like night spring breeze, during the Spring Festival, iphone4S is past, NOTE2 and other large screen mobile phone has become the new favorite desktop, if you have a smart mobile phone, all feel shy to say hello to others.


lens: websites, games, individuals, companies, industries and in the emphasis on "social marketing" "O2O" "micro-blog" WeChat marketing "marketing" and anxious, want to have a ready-made panacea, gathered, a work, all kinds of courses, books, PPT has become the best, by operation, but the effect is creak your smile, beautiful and essence of the so-called data pleased with oneself to ignore marketing. read more

Still distressed how to promote your online shop

now more and more webmaster turned into network operators, but Adsense to network operators will make money,


how to turn, still can not leave the promotion of your website, shop, product! Everyone knows, now Internet users only eat soft, do not eat hard, like virus promotion, popups and so on… Certainly not! We are going to adapt to netizens taste, he love what we give him to what is the current mainstream publicity methods: advertising, but this method is more expensive, but not easy to see the obvious effect, more important is the Internet users have gradually rejected direct advertising, some people do not bother, but rather stiff advertising makes many potential customers very disgusted. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of online advertising, more than thousands of advertising costs, but also makes profit management shop we flinch. read more

UGC community user precipitation rules Pyramid model helps you sort out operational ideas

introduction: for how to select and find seed users, how to start cold articles online a lot, and today I’ll talk about how to do user precipitation. Share today is also our team recently discussed a small operation results, summed up the UGC community user precipitation rules, is original dry, I made a simple arrangement, share…

for a UGC community, the most likely thing about the team is that this product is not like a tool product – a pain point that was born to solve a particular group of target users. UGC community that unclear, unknown road user needs, ambiguous, elusive seed users, how can not stand up, live, stay…… Deeply troubled by every operation meow. For how to choose, find seed users, how cold start articles online a lot, and today I’ll talk about how to do user precipitation. Share today is also our team recently discussed a small operation results, summed up the UGC community user precipitation rule, is original dry, I made a simple arrangement, share with you. read more

Personal Adsense promotion experience (Rookie version)

station (Wowo television network: was built near a month without a point. Baidu is still not included. Flow have so little sad! Japan around ip:1000. But I still like to have my sad 1000 flow share than I have sad webmaster friends.

, now about my traffic source,


1. Source: Baidu know: to know Baidu movie forum to answer other people’s questions. For example: others? Who knows where you can watch a movie, then you can have your website address. (this is for our movie station, other types of course need to rest the earth) know a thing, but I still talk nonsense words, ha ha! Afraid to meet Mars chief. read more

User experience analysis in minisite — content layout

people might think that minisite is just a few pages anyway. There is no need to consider the layout of page information. But since it is web site, naturally want to have higher viscosity of the page, and the user experience will have some impact on it. If the navigation of each page is very creative, but the user is very inconvenient to use, then even more creative, but also because it is difficult to use and make people feel disgusted, do not want to continue to browse the idea of going down. read more