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Xining NPC and CPPCC 13th Five-Year during the Xining site will further expand

Lake New District built, so that Xining’s "site" increased by 10.7 square kilometers, the future, Xining area will continue to expand. In this year’s two sessions in Xining, Xining’s future development has become the focus of attention of many delegates and members.

this, Xining has come up with programs. It is reported that the "13th Five-Year" period, Xining city will be provided, city, ecological quality and efficiency, improve the financial industry and the people’s livelihood, and standard services, cultural promotion, ahead of qualifying for the overall requirements, to study and solve major problems as the starting point, focusing on global, long-term, to achieve new breakthroughs in urban and rural areas spatial structure, industrial structure, demand structure. read more