Clark County Fair results Aug. 13

first_img4-H RabbitsJunior JudgingChampion, Victoria Labadorf, Brush Prairie.Reserve Champion, Cheyenne Coss, Woodland.Junior Oral ReasonsChampion, Morgan Gramm, La Center.Junior Breed IDChampion, Cheyenne Coss, Woodland.Intermediate JudgingChampion, Makenna Conner, Vancouver.Reserve Champion, Aquoia Coss, Woodland.Intermediate Oral ReasonsChampion, Shayla Konency, Vancouver.Reserve Champion, Aquoia Coss, Woodland.Intermediate Breed IDChampion, Three-Way Tie: Aquoia Coss, Woodland; Montanna Coss, Woodland; and McKenna Kessinger, Vancouver.Senior JudgingChampion, Kate Bias, Vancouver.Reserve Champion, Ella Konency, Vancouver.Senior Oral ReasonsChampion, Anne Bias, Vancouver.Senior Breed IDChampion, Kate Bias, Vancouver.Overall Oral ReasonsChampion, Anne Bias, Vancouver.Superintendents Award, Kate Bias, Vancouver.Lucky Rabbit’s Foot Award, Victoria Labadorf, Brush Prairie.4-H CavyFitting and ShowingSeniorChampion, Lucy Otto, Vancouver.Reserve Champion, Kate Bias, Vancouver.IntermediateChampion, Rielei Polka, Camas.Reserve Champion, Kieran Schoening, Brush Prairie.JuniorChampion, Alyssa Franklin, Vancouver.Reserve Champion, Rykker Polka, Camas.4-H Pet PalsFitting and Showing/JudgingSenior Champion, Jeanette Magnusson, Vancouver.Intermediate Champion, Daniella Magnusson, Vancouver.Evaluation Mammal, Champion, Reserve Champion, Jeanette Magnusson, Vancouver.Evaluation Reptile and Insect, Champion, Daniella Magnusson, Vancouver.Craft, Champion, Daniella Magnusson, Vancouver.4-H RoboticsDisplayChampion, Logan Femling, Vancouver.Special AwardJosiah Thulin, Vancouver.Charlie Weiner, Battle Ground.Tucker McLain, Vancouver.Aiden Humphrey, Vancouver.Cyndi Johnson, Vancouver.Superintendents Choice, Aaron Probst, Ridgefield.Reserve Champions, Sam Hartrim-Lowe, Vancouver, and Lucas Rogers, Vancouver.Champion, Harrison Hartrim-Lowe, Vancouver.Champion, Judges Award, Acacia Hwang, Vancouver.Reserve Champion, Tyler Minden, Vancouver.Team BuildJudges Choice, Learning Bot, Battle Ground.Reserve Champion, Shifting Gears, Battle Ground.Champion, Brain Bots, Battle Ground.Reserve Champion, Steel Hearts, Camas.Champion, Electro Bots, Battle Ground.Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, Superintendents Choice, Clover Bots, Battle Ground.ProgrammingChampions, Charlie Weiner, Battle Ground, and Mathew Wake, Ridgefield.Special Award, Carl James Lindell II, Battle Ground.BuildSuperintendents Choice, Jonas Kelly, Ridgefield.Reserve Champion, Carl James Lindell II, Battle Ground, and Carter Humphrey, Ridgefield.Grand Champion, Judges Choice, Champion, Reserve Champion, Caden Peru, Vancouver.4-H DairyJerry Warner Memorial Award, Samuel Hartrim-Lowe, Battle Ground.Fred Griffith Memorial Trophy, Madelyn Hartrim-Lowe, Battle Ground.John Souders Inspirational Award, Andrew Ludlow, Battle Ground.Junior Holstein Girl, Grace Shirley, La Center.Junior Holstein Boy, Harrison Hartrim-Lowe, Battle Ground.Senior Holstein Girl, Madelyn Hartrim-Lowe, Battle Ground.Senior Holstein Boy, Trace Morris, Battle Ground.Fitting and ShowingJunior Champion, Samuel Hartrim-Lowe, Battle Ground.Intermediate Champion, Josie Uskoski, La Center.Senior Champion, Andrew Ludlow, Battle Ground.Top Yearling Replacement Heifer AwardBest Exhibitor, Peyton Rosin, La Center.Best Breeder, Arwana Farms, Ridgefield.Top Springing Replacement Heifer AwardBest Exhibitor, Josie Uskoski, La Center.Best Breeder, Cloud Cap, Boring, Ore.Judging ContestJunior Champion, John Souders, Battle Ground.Intermediate Champion, Josie Uskoski, La Center.Senior Champion, Lexi Zink, Camas.4-H Pack Goat ShowShowmanshipJuniorChampion, Emma Waddle, Ridgefield.Reserve Champion, Carys Dunning, Ridgefield.IntermediateChampion, Xander Wade, Amboy.Reserve Champion, Grace Mayhugh, Camas.SeniorChampion, Julianne Krane, Vancouver.WetherJuniorChampion, Nicholas Millett, Ridgefield.Reserve Champion, Grace Mayhugh, Camas.SeniorChampion, Ian Dunning, Ridgefield.Reserve Champion, Raegan Boyse, La Center.Grand Champion, Ian Dunning, Ridgefield.Reserve Grand Champion, Nicholas Millett, Ridgefield.DoeJunior Champion, Aaron Pierson, Camas.Senior Champion, Grand Champion, Carys Dunning, Ridgefield.Senior Reserve Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, Xander Wade, Amboy.4-H Market Goat ShowGrand Champion, Alana Wood, Amboy.Reserve Grand Champion, Ethan Oldham, Ridgefield.Heavy WeightChampion, Alana Wood, Amboy.Reserve Champion, Karisa Sorenson, Battle Ground.Middle WeightChampion, Ethan Oldham, Ridgefield.Reserve Champion, Karisa Sorenson, Battle Ground.Light WeightChampion, Elise Oldham, Ridgefield.Reserve Champion, Mia Achziger, La Center.Rate of GainChampion, Karisa Sorenson, Battle Ground.Home Grown GoatChampion, Alana Wood, Amboy.Reserve Champion, Ethan Oldham, Ridgefield.last_img

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