Krypton and Black Lighting Find Homes and More DC TV News

first_imgStay on target Marvel may have the best superhero movies, but DC has been dominating the TV world. Despite Marvel’s recent successes on Netflix and FX, it appears DC’s small screen reign will continue for the forseeable future. First, Greg Berlanti’s TV adaptation of Black Lightning has found a home on The CW, according to TV Line. Black Lightning will star Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce, a retired superhero must fight crime once again to protect his daughters.It will be the latest show to join the Arrowverse, which makes the CW a natural fit since Arrowverse shows don’t have the greatest track record on other networks. Constantine lasted only one season on NBC, despite a small but passionate fanbase petitioning for it to continue. Supergirl never felt quite at home on CBS and moved to the CW for its second season. Not only has the show thrived on the network, it became a much better show upon leaving CBS.The great thing about Black Lightning being on the CW is that it will make the inevitable crossovers much easier. Now we just have to figure out which Earth Black Lightning takes place on. Will it be on Earth-1, meaning he’ll meet up with Arrow and the Flash? Or does the show take place on Earth-38 in the same universe as Supergirl? Honestly, with Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, Earth-1 is getting a little crowded. It might be cool to see Supergirl‘s universe fleshed out a little more.While the CW ordered a full series of Black Lightning, we don’t know how many episodes will be in the first season or when it will air yet. In addition to Williams, it will star Nafessa Williams, China Anne McClain, and Christine Adams.via SyfyOver on Syfy, another DC property has found a home. Comic Book reports that the network ordered a series of Krypton, a science fiction drama about the beginnings of the House of El. This one isn’t a part of the Arrowverse (and takes place long before any of those shows do), so don’t expect any crossovers. But it is entirely possible that Krypton will connect to the DCEU movies.David S. Goyer, who wrote Man of Steel, is executive producing the series, and directed the pilot episode. Also the crest of the House of El is the same design that was used in Man of Steel. The series will follow Superman’s grandfather, so it’s unlikely that any Justice League heroes will make an appearance on the show. However, Comic Book says that we can expect to see a few familiar DC faces on the show. Warner Bros. is naturally keeping quiet on exactly who will show up.Krypton has been in development for enough time that there were doubts the series would ever come out. As of now, only the pilot has been filmed, but it was apparently good enough for Syfy and NBC Universal to order a full season. The rest of the series is currently in production, and while there is no set release date yet, Warner Bros. says we could see it as soon as early 2018.Sean Pertwee, David Mazouz, Chris Chalk, Michael Chiklis, Morena Baccarin, Camren Bicondova, Ben McKenzie, Erin Richards, Robin Lord Taylor, Jessica Lucas, Drew Powell, Cory Michael Smith Jada Pinkett Smith and Maggie Geha. (Cr: FOX)Finally, in what has somehow become the most insane and incomprehensible corner of the DC universe, Gotham has been renewed for a fourth season, according to Variety. Over the years, the show has run with its premise to the point where it doesn’t even care about lining up with the comics anymore. It’s created its own timeline, whose only purpose is to show off as many crazy Batman villains as it can. I, for one, am completely on board for another season of that, especially since it now looks like they are starting to turn young Bruce Wayne into Batman. Whether that will actually happen on the series is still up in the air, but the 16-year-old millionaire is training in the mountains now.This season, like the first two, has certainly had its ups and downs. Some episodes have been boring, but it also gave us that Jerome arc a few months ago. The one that ended with Gordon punching off the Joker’s face. That is a show that deserves a fourth season, if only to see what kind of insanity the writers think of next. Season three will come to an end on June 5, so expect to see the Season 4 premiere in either September or October 2017. Joaquin Phoenix Wanted Thomas Wayne Excluded From ‘Joker’ Script’Joker’ Earns High Rotten Tomatoes Score From Film Critics last_img

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