iPhone 5 may break pattern and launch in September

first_imgIf you were looking forward to getting the iPhone 5 in June or July you may be disappointed. As we all know by now, the summer has typically been the window Apple used to launch the latest iPhone. Unfortunately, Craig Berger, an analyst for FBR Capital Markets, believes that Apple will break its predictable cycle this year by releasing the iPhone 5 in September. Berger was quoted in a note to investors:For the iPhone 5, we continue to hear that a July launch is unlikely, with various casing suppliers and touch suppliers still ramping up, with some chip vendors not having yet received firm iPhone 5 orders, and with other sockets like the image sensor (most likely going to Omnivision exclusively, but with some potential for Sony to split that socket) still in flux. Given these factors, we think a September launch is more likely, off from Apple’s traditional iPhone launch schedule, but giving the firm more time to enhance its next-generation instant communications on the phone.Berger also revealed that Apple plans to build 100 million iPhones this year which is up from a previous estimate of 75 million.Read more at Business Insider.Brian’s OpinionOne reason that Apple may be off of its previous schedule is that the company must now consider availability for CDMA and GSM handsets. That may mean increased work developing two models or a single model can work properly with both CDMA and GSM networks. We’ll probably know more about this pending any iPad 2 news–if that runs across two different networks then you can bet the iPhone 5 will be able to.last_img

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