Skunk Juice ear buds sound gross but theyre MagSafes for headphones

first_imgOne of Apple‘s biggest innovations of the last few years doesn’t actually get a lot of press: the MagSafe power connector. It’s a brilliant design that guarantees that if someone trips over your power cord, the connector just pops off instead of whiplashing your MacBook across the room. Great idea, huh? You probably wonder why no one else has thought to rip Apple off here. It’s because they can’t: Apple’s patented the MagSafe technology up the wazoo. The message from Apple’s lawyers is clear: don’t even think of putting a magnet on your power connector.AdChoices广告Apple’s patents, however, do not extend to other types of cords that might benefit from the integration of a magnet or two. That’s the idea behind Skunk Juice. It’s one of the vilest, disgusting and tin-eared product names we’ve ever heard, but the concept’s sound: apply MagSafe technology to headphones so that when the cord gets caught on something, your iPod doesn’t come flying out of your pocket, skitter across traffic and get pulverized by the wheel of an oncoming semi.Smart idea. Even smarter: you can actually magnetically attach multiple ear buds to the Skunk Juice magnetic coupling, allowing four people to listen to one music source at once. Too bad the product itself looks so cheap: each pair will cost just $36, which isn’t a price that inspires a lot of hope of audio quality.Read more at Skunk Juice (via Gadget Lab)last_img

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