Bad roads greet rush hour drivers

(Update)In what has been a relentless winter so far, more snow and temperatures well below average made for dangerous driving conditions Monday. In a day with many crashes, the worst sent a 22-year old woman to hospital with life threatening injuries after a head on collision on Highway 6 in Flamborough.It was a frightening scene as a Ford Focus was completely destroyed and debris was scattered more than 20 meters from the site of the head-on crash in Flamborough.Constable Graham Williamson is with the Ontario Provincial Police: “It does speak to a tremendous amount of energy being expended in the collision.”The driver of the Focus, a 22-year old Dundas woman, had to be extricated and is in hospital with life threatening injuries. It happened just before 7 Monday morning, between 4th and 5th Concession Roads. The Ford Focus was traveling north when it collided with a flatbed truck. The crash scene showed the truck facing south in the northbound lanes with the car squashed under the front bumper. Highway 6 remained closed for most of the morning, opening just before eleven.“And while the exact cause of this collision has yet to be determined, police are reminding people to drive to the conditions in the very cold winter.”Williamson says: “And also take into consideration your own abilities and the abilities of the vehicle.”On the 403 in Brantford, icy cold conditions saw several vehicles skid off the road; the largest being a tractor trailer that caused a major backup in the Hamilton bound lanes. The CAA saw a huge volume of calls Monday morning, and planned for double their usual amount.We are only half way through what has seemed like a particularly brutal winter. Dave Phillips from Environment Canada says we aren’t breaking records but that the cold has been relentless: “It began cold in November, December was cold, and now January, there’s been no break. The January thaw we had was weak. Last year we had 21 thawing days, this year we had 7.”Phillips says that the average temperature for the first three months of winter have been the coldest in almost 20 years.

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