Episode 7 ended with what seemed like a great setu

first_imgEpisode 7 ended with what seemed like a great setup for episode 8, but unfortunately the season stuck with its ongoing theme of Richard having no common sense and the team trying to clean up his mess.With the episode titled “White Hat/Black Hat,” I expected a crash course in hacking, or at least some serious hacking, but the episode disappointed. Instead, I feel like the title was a reflection of Richard. He is a white hat, but he needs to be a black hat and start thinking about how people are going to try to take advantage of him. It starts with Richard discovering that End Frame’s security engineer Seth got fired.“What are we going to do about Seth?” he asks. Good question, but maybe Richard should have taken Dinesh and Gilfoyle’s advice in the first place and done nothing. In last week’s episode, “Adult Content,” we saw the Pied Piper team trying to reclaim what was rightfully theirs: their algorithm that End Frame stole (even though Richard basically handed it to them.) “You are stealing it all wrong,” an upset Richard declares.Russ Hanneman struggles with the fact that he is no longer a billionaire, having only $986 million, so he wants End Frame and Pied Piper to merge. But of course Richard and his team aren’t going to stand for that. They hack End Frame (is it technically hacking if Gilfoyle found a Post-It from End Frame’s office with the login credentials on it?) and try to poach its proposed deal with the porn company Intersite. The show ended with Intersite declaring a “bake-off” between Pied Piper and End Frame. May the best compression algorithm win!(Related: A recap of episode 6)last_img

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