O2O car phone again will usher in a fight

March 24th, the blue whale TMT news release, the Alibaba has been completed on the Shenzhou car operators company China excellent car nearly 3 billion yuan investment, accounting for about 10% of the shares.

March 27th, titanium media quoted a person close to the deal of the news that the Alibaba of Shenzhou car investment rumors are true, and the transaction has been completed. The news that the Shenzhou car interface, currently do not comment on the matter.

senior media person Lanxi told reporters, this is perhaps the Shenzhou car for a new round of financing the smoke bomb. read more

Glutinous rice network Shen Boyang buy reshuffle has been the main reason for the end of the technol

news April 9th, from more than 5 thousand to February this year, the group purchase website, 900, domestic group purchase industry survival rate of only 18%, while in the view of glutinous rice nets general manager Shen Boyang, currently only five leading half live more comfortable, the future and further integration is possible.

Outside view of

and most of Shen Boyang that is really out group purchase technical threshold and local sales team management, which will further intensify competition. read more

Chinese Internet 20 years is currently in a period of integration and innovation

lead: review of China Internet development for twenty years, has experienced a basic industry start-up period, formation period, rapid development period, and is currently in a period of integration and innovation.

December 15th afternoon, Chinese Internet 20 years development report (excerpts) starting ceremony China Internet development theme news conference held in Wuzhen, the Research Institute of Yang Shuzhen, Chinese Chinese cyberspace Network Space Research Institute Vice President Fang Xinxin, deputy director of the central network information office policies and regulations Bureau Li Tao, China network space research Institute researcher Li Yuxiao attended the conference. The report notes that China’s Internet is currently in a period of integration and innovation. read more

360 join the Kunlun World Wide Web acquisition Opera total $1 billion 230 million


technology news Beijing time on February 10th afternoon, a group of Chinese company to Norway mobile Browse Companies Opera issued a tender offer, hope to Norway 10 billion 500 million kronor ($1 billion 230 million) a wholly-owned acquisition of the company.

buyers include Qihoo 360 and the Kunlun World Wide Web, they plan to share the Norway 71 kronor (about $8.29 per share) price to buy, a price premium of 45.6% Opera on Friday.

Opera shares since last Friday to start the suspension, the company last year to consider the sale of foreign. read more

The Spring Festival online shopping also need to wait for businesses to stop delivery courier delay


order receipt difficult? In addition to some well-known brand flagship store said during the Spring Festival will be the normal delivery, these days a lot of self-employed businesses have hit the "stop delivery" notice, which makes consumers began to worry about whether the goods during the Chinese new year, online shopping will become a big problem? The reporter found inquires, according to forecasts, during the Spring Festival during the rookie platform about 300 thousand courier will stick on the job, but due to objective reasons, the Spring Festival this year, the major courier companies and electricity supplier logistics will be the delivery speed slowed, remote areas will also stop delivery. read more

The two international giants won the domestic express licence first approved under.

publicity more than three months after the end of the top two international courier giant finally entered the Chinese market. National Post Office on September 7th announcement, FedEx and UPS access to domestic express license.

but a suspect is full, so a "normal" message, under national authority the State Post Bureau, China express Association, to talk about "the story behind the" get a licence for the two international giants also told reporters repeatedly asked to be avoided. read more

360 privatization President of mortgage headquarters building holdings of over $500 million

[Abstract]360 privatization price is $77, the total share capital of 128 million 940 thousand, in order to calculate the valuation of $9 billion 928 million to $360.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on January 15th

360 privatization process continues to advance. A SEC file to get the Tencent technology day in front of the show, has completed 360 of the $9 billion 400 million privatization and obtain the final agreement, China Merchants Bank and other bank led 360 privatization transactions to provide $3 billion 400 million of debt financing. read more

Domestic and foreign ten characteristics fresh O2O see how others play

fresh electricity supplier topic attracted widespread attention at home and abroad, the discussion is very hot. Electricity supplier in the blue ocean, fresh electricity supplier industry was completely detonated, take a look at the domestic and foreign ten unique O2O electricity supplier is how to play.

Wen / Bao Jian

fresh electricity supplier topic attracted widespread attention at home and abroad, the discussion is very hot. According to foreign media reports, after several years of continuous development quietly, Amazon is planning to expand the fresh electricity supplier service AmazonFresh, will launch AmazonFresh services in the other 20 city, which will include some of the overseas city. Electricity supplier in the blue ocean, fresh electricity supplier industry completely detonated, this time finishing the ten unique fresh O2O electricity supplier for reference. read more

Domain ppp.com transaction! Price or not less than 1 million 800 thousand yuan

news July 10th, recently, Xie Yipeng will be the three letter domain name investors stack ppp.com sold m financial network CEO Wang Weilin; the acquisition of Jupiter Larry domain youhu.com; but the 6 digit acquired more than and 40 3 digital.Co domain name.

3 letter domain ppp.com for sale

stacked 3 letter domain limited number, easy to remember, the price has always been very good. Domain name ppp.com single from the product phase is already a boutique, and its Public-Private-Partnership, meaning public-private partnerships, can also be seen as pat mean, can be used to build any website. read more

News review week ios7 jailbreak bundled Tai Chi assistant provoke controversy Taobao blocked shoppin

1 Jingdong big data and mobile power supplier


December 26th news, fade Jingdong management year Liu Qiangdong has returned from the United States, and re helm. In the media communication will be held in the Jingdong, Liu Qiangdong released the 2014 Jingdong "sail" strategy: the next key focuses on technology, financial Dian Dian O2O channel sink and internationalization of the five direction.

related reading:

: the return of Liu Qiangdong Jingdong farewell respite mobile providers to break read more

U.S. buy site series report Chinese couple founded 8coupons

is perhaps the heart has been left China plot, received an interview request email, 8coupons yuan Wenxi and Huang Landi (founder of the couple currently serves as CEO) accepted Sina’s exclusive telephone interview, tells the story of their entrepreneurial story for China readers.

U.S. Group buy site 8coupons screenshot

U.S. Group buy site 8coupons founder Yuan Wenxi (right) and (left)

after the founding of the Chinese husband and wife 8coupons: 88, namely

Chinese love number eight, probably because of the "eight" and "hair" is a homonym, this figure represents a successful career and fortune. read more

Quality rice network CEO Wang Lifen from passion return to rational business process

from the origin of my business, to be able to see the process inside my passion is very full, but the actual return to a rational process of entrepreneurial process, I found a lot of problems, I hope you make mistakes enterprises go better.

1, inside the first error especially easy to setting up shops, business people just down particularly passionate, no passion can not be back into unfamiliar areas, this shop booth displays various features, my business shop booth Hongkong office, India development team, I use the video to communicate with them every week, this work is in fact a lot of funds are spent. There are other companies such as shop booth to do this, do that, many things are not ready. Return to rational slower shop booth is longer, faster capital catastrophe. I thought I a person, later found that each enterprise is basic mistakes, then summary and shop booth struggle is to fight against humanity, because humanity of weakness, hope to do, can see, can be dazzling, especially when some people start is to see, I found every enterprise in the shop booth, the world’s only an enterprise all concentrate on a force, let the whole world to do marketing duty for him, this is the Apple Corp. So when I understand this point, I don’t think so to share out shop booth, you will know when the ideal Road shop, but the shop booth was conscious, back some much faster. read more

Wuyi’s first online gay porn case 3 principal recently jailed

07 Sept. 30 rented server open video chat site, in order to increase website hits, also invited the gay circle of the "big network" program, and organize voluntary gay pornographic performances. As long as the user to pay 100 yuan to $200 sponsorship fee, on the site to see a variety of performances…… Recently, the Zhejiang Wuyi court made a judgment on the network of gay porn case summary: the defendant Wang Zhian, Wang Qing, Zhao Zhimin heard 3 people on suspicion of illegally opened gay video chat site and organize pornographic performances, are also legally sentenced in one year and four months, fined 2000 yuan. read more

Liu Jianguo love to help network search is the breakthrough point near O2O&SoLoMo

August 6th news, China Mobile Beijing developer Club twelfth theme salon activities in Beijing than to help organize coffee. This salon to O2O& SoLoMo explore mobile electricity supplier new breakthrough as the theme, a number of Internet experts and opinion leaders to attend the event, to discuss the future development trend of the internet. The afternoon of August 3rd, love to help network CEO Liu Jianguo salon published a report entitled "near the search is O2O& breakthrough" SoLoMo mode of speech. read more

Secret support 1 billion WeChat red envelopes behind the amazing technical secrets

Abstract: in 2015, WeChat red book, new year’s Eve shake a total number of 11 billion times, the peak is 14 million times per second, 810 million times per minute, red WeChat developed a staggering 1 billion 10 million times! Once again let people wonder how Tencent is the technical support of


2014 double eleven Ali Taobao more than 50 billion of the huge volume of transactions, behind Ali cloud is extremely strong technical support system. 2015 WeChat red book, new year’s Eve shake a total number of 11 billion times, the peak is 14 million times per second, 810 million times per minute, red WeChat developed a staggering 1 billion 10 million times! Once again let people wonder how Tencent to do technical support? The author before the interview to WeChat backstage technical responsible person, to share the technology behind the red the secret with you. read more

The importance of technology in entrepreneurial team

in the business circle inside, before a period of time, I often hear people say "not important" or "technology is not a problem," this sentence, approximately       from "what money can buy, then this thing is not a problem". Because we all believe that the technical staff can be recruited to take money, so "technology" is not a problem.

      however, from I and several entrepreneurial team and entrepreneurial success company to see, the situation is: "our technology is too weak," or "lack of technical personnel in our". read more

Facebook CIO we’re still using email


technology news Beijing time on February 24th morning news, Facebook chief information officer Tim · Campos (Tim Campos) said in an interview with CIO Journal, for the company’s productivity, custom software tools can bring a high degree of automation is very important. He also said that e-mail service did not die".

Campos said: the enterprise software industry has established a number of solutions to make the company more productive. Like most organizations, we want to take advantage of these solutions." But he added: "but when the company’s efficiency reaches a certain level, these solutions will not work. You can’t buy a ready – to use solution that everyone has, and expect to get better results. For many purposes, this is not feasible, such as the construction of their own labor, etc.." read more

MySpace many web pages are hit by black pop stars

according to foreign reports, Exploit Prevention Labs (security vulnerability Defense Laboratory) chief technology officer Roger Thompson found that many "social networking site MySpace is black, including the famous American singer Alixiya Kyrgyzstan silk (Alicia Keys)". Alicia – Kat is the MySpace site ranked fourth pop singer. Thompson on the YouTube website published the contents of the hacking incident. He is also in his blog detailing the MySpace page was black.

access to these black pages will make visitors face risks. If the network users do not use the latest security patches, access to these black pages will make their computers installed malware. Thompson explained in the video, hackers are using security vulnerabilities in the background to install malicious software. read more

Fashion website integration curtain opened business model innovation into key

Event Background:

according to various media sources, Ruili will be stripped of its new media business, and China Unicom will jointly establish a joint venture company, Ruili owns 51% stake in the new company has been financing and listing plan. Had also heard the Tencent purchase YOKA fashion network news.


iResearch iResearch according to the latest data network advertisement monitoring system iAdTracker display, 2009Q1 Chinese fashion website advertising revenue for 23 million 69 thousand yuan, and to Q2 in 2010, this figure reached 70 million 964 thousand yuan, excluding seasonal factors, at least within a year advertising revenue has doubled, in 2010 the annual fashion websites the advertising revenue will be 3-4 billion yuan. In addition, according to iResearch survey results show that advertising is the main source of income for fashion website, accounting for its total revenue of about 90%-95%, so the 2010 fashion website market size of about 3.5 to 450 million yuan. read more

Pour in the tuyere This may be the reality of the 23 broadcast platforms have to face

June 2008, Zheng Lizheng to 163888 (fenbei) the first Chinese music website transition to live, we are not accustomed to using "live" word, people behind the camera beauty show called the video show. In order to do the video show, Zheng Li this music website office is separated into twenty small rooms, each compartment is the same configuration: a microphone, a computer, a chair, a beauty.

to traffic and revenue, the girls in the live wear less, until the end of the night naked chat site openly, income from the initial has increased sharply to a monthly income of 5 million, with a fear, Zheng Li and his live sites began to run in the legal red line. However, only half a year, this was the first Chinese music community CEO chained and thrown into prison — June 2010, Zheng Li suspected of organizing Internet pornography, was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment, fined 500 thousand yuan. read more

The introduction of the new unlicensed video broadcast video sites temporarily charged

users through online video sites to watch popular drama, drama free days or with a ban by the SARFT and the end. Reporters yesterday from the SARFT website saw a "on the strengthening of Internet audio and video content management notice", the specified license has been made of the film and television drama, animation, film and television literature, will not be allowed to spread on the internet. In this regard, the mainstream of domestic video sharing websites have said watching, and network TV kind video website is applauded. Analysts believe that the new deal will once again fight the prevalence of pirated video sharing site. read more

The depth of integration Comsenz beta QQ account login mode and QQ space

October 9th, Comsenz started beta QQ account login, which also marks the Comsenz and QQ space are integrated more depth.

According to the

Comsenz aspects of information disclosure, the release of the QQ account login version to achieve 4 functions: use one click quick login QQ account in IE browser; while posting optional pushed to the QQ space (title + simple abstract + add); sharing forum theme to QQ space (title + + or simple abstract address); users can add free in the forum to become the site QQ space space certification certification space fans, all the updates will be displayed in the QQ space friends dynamic of its fans, the user can timely attention to the latest developments in the forum. read more

My internet life

I think I’m a bit slow to touch things…

is a bit late. 98 summer vacation to my dad unit, for the first time to play computer.

was so excited, I at night for their value in the midnight, thinking on the computer.. High tech, feeling very mysterious, but also feel a bit like a game machine, was the 98 system, the feeling is still very easy to use, see help. Soon got familiar with the basic operation.

my dad let the tube of the computer to install a typing software. Learn typing. Until I graduated from college, I still feel that the computer is typing, typing fast is a master, often asked me how many words a minute now? read more

Today, the United States and the United States plans to visit the landing site Li Kaifu, Xu Xiaoping

more than half of the investment community have come to

today, Mito official in the main board of the Hongkong stock exchange officially listed for trading, and in the morning 9:30 on the main board of the Stock Exchange began trading, the issue price of HK $8.5, stock code 1357, 500 shares per hand, if the issue price is calculated according to the underwriting fees and commissions and estimated expenses deducted beauties global sale paid and payable, Mito will receive net proceeds from the global offering HK $4 billion 688 million (about $600 million), the valuation of HK $35 billion 900 million ($4 billion 600 million). read more

Happy mop.com jurisprudence is being investigated is the incentive evaluation index or venture capit

recently, the General Administration of press and publication and 62 home related to posting (spread) pornographic Internet publications website, such as mop.com Kaixin, fans and other large web sites also list.


, IT legal activist Zhao Zhanling to the "daily economic news" reporter said, pornography to a certain extent will constitute a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility, but whether it belongs to pornography and without a clear standard, pornographic and vulgar very fuzzy boundaries. Some sites to play the "edge ball" criminal responsibility is difficult, are more likely to pursue the administrative responsibility of the site, fines, warnings. read more

Mergers and acquisitions of the ten major domestic websites

one site can not be separated from the legendary heroes of the Internet, as many emerging industries, the Internet is always filled with a variety of sites in the acquisition and acquisition rumors. In the United States, Microsoft and YAHOO’s acquisition of English Mergers and Acquisitions (merger and acquisition). Case deadlocked for more than a year, has always been a hot topic of discussion; the rise of the past two years, Twitter has been surrounded by rumors of acquisitions. In China, although this year due to the impact of the global financial crisis, the influence of the merger is not much, but in the past ten years, the merger and acquisition is a large site and continues to attract people to emerge in an endless stream, on the field of Internet attention. At the same time, these mergers and acquisitions also profoundly affect the various network services we are using today. read more

Ma restructuring Ali or split into 30 companies listed on the integration of the 3

"finance" reporter Song Wei

Alibaba is a big change to reshape the company’s ecological system as the core, it is likely to spin off into 30 companies, and then integrated into three listed companies. This will be a change in the hands of Ma Yun will not only change the pattern of China’s Internet industry, but also deeply affect the future of traditional industries from manufacturing to service industries

in the past year, Ma and his Alibaba experienced a Taobao group is divided into three, B2B company, YAHOO 20% equity repurchase delisting and other events, the China e-commerce Pathfinder try a series of changes to stable development momentum. read more

The punch to turn off the three poker site 11 people prosecuted

America’s three largest online poker gambling site was closed

according to the U.S. "Losangeles times" reported on April 17th, the online poker industry impose heavy U.S. law enforcement authorities before the closure of the nation’s largest three poker gambling sites, and by fraud and money laundering proceedings against 11 website managers.

according to a court in Manhattan announced the news, 11 managers of American PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker three websites and their branches were charged with bank fraud and money laundering activities, two of the defendants have been in local time 15 days respectively in Utah and Nevada, was arrested, the police are on the track of the other nine people. read more

The car used car market was renamed seeds straight sell network will spin independently

NetEase Francisco September 15th news, today, ganji.com founder and CO CEO Hao Yang Chung 58 fair in Beijing announced that the "car market" has been officially renamed the "seeds of second-hand car direct selling net". The seeds of second-hand car will continue cultivating the second-hand car market, by the end of 60 to cover the whole city.

Yang Haoyong announced that the melon seeds used cars sell network, the launch of the new brand represents the business will accelerate the pace of independence. So far, after nearly a year of development, the seeds of second-hand car teams continue to grow and reach the size of nearly 2000 people, set up a technology research and development, sales, personnel administration, financial and other complete team, with the development of independent in economic and legal conditions. read more

Lei Jun in my eyes

for the first time to Lei Jun, is the National Day in 1997 after a few days, I travel from Chongqing to Beijing to participate in a network device, it will be opened in China World Trade Center, magnificent, bright and spacious, eye-opening, in Beijing on the prosperity of a visual impression. After the car to Zhongguancun, went to the Kingsoft Corp, remember the east gate is the National People’s Congress, asked for a long time, finally in a small alley on the left side of a building in the contemporary mall looks ordinary cannot ordinary building 4 floor to find a Kingsoft Corp, out of the elevator, a look, not a few rooms that layer, but. It was a weekend, Kingsoft Corp a few people, I turn to each rooms, each room has a few tables and chairs, put a few computer, even Lei Jun’s office has not yet what a decent office equipment, is the isolation of a transparent glass, floor carpet also looks out for a long time did not cleaning. It is worth mentioning that the Jinshan toilet, is a mix of men and women sharing floor, toilet, then I think Ling Zhijun wrote a four side of the toilet, I immediately think of the Jinshan toilet, the impression is so deep. read more