Tencent business Chronicle (in) from C2C to B2B2C blindly follow

[core] Tencent electricity supplier after the defeat of the pat C2C, followed by Taobao launched a number of brands behind the B2B2C business, but still did not achieve the desired results.

editor’s note: Tencent IM started in the portal, SNS, games and other fields have gained a larger market share, but in the field of electricity supplier has been unknown. Today, the Tencent’s business has been cultivated for 8 years, from the seed project C2C pat Network to 08 years B2B2C platform QQ Mall for 05 years, from e-commerce business into B2 business line to the birth of QQ online shopping to the last independent spin off is given greater strategic significance. Since 2013, Tencent electricity supplier has frequently appeared in the public eye. read more

Mobile pornography network operators and their relationship has been repeatedly banned

March 28th, the network information security policy by the Chinese Academy of science and technology joint research group released the "network information security situation report" shows that although China Mobile in the past few months has taken a series of measures to remediation jurisprudence WAP website, but there are still some mobile company "act in a diametrically opposite way", had been knocked out of the mobile phone jurisprudence site and sign a stirring among the dry bones. read more

HP confirmed the acquisition of music website Melodeo $35 million

Beijing on June 24th news, according to foreign media reports, the recent news sources revealed that the acquisition of the music website Melodeo, the acquisition price of $35 million. The acquisition was confirmed by HP.

not long ago, HP has just $1 billion 200 million acquisition of the U.S. smartphone maker Palm, the HP once again spent $35 million acquisition of the music website Melodeo. HP’s acquisition of Melodeo looks illogical, but the deal shows HP’s strategy is changing. After the acquisition of Melodeo, HP will enter the field of mobile music. read more

Selective neglect of copyright may determine the life and death of the live platform

text / Zhang Shule, published in the "legal person" magazine 2016 10 monthly

held in August at the Rio Olympics, there have been a number of reports on the live platform. As a guest, Ying pepper, live many times through the form of live interviews, such as Phelps, Qin Kai and other performers, diving lovers what posture, sometimes limelight greatly overshadowed the traditional television and video sites.

but it should be noted that the real event has the right to broadcast Internet Co but Tencent and Ali two. Copyright, infringement and other issues, in the brutal growth of the broadcast platform, once again by entrepreneurs who selectively ignored. read more

January global Web server market Apache share rose to 41.64%

IDC Review Network (idcps.com) 01, reported: according to the latest Netcraft data, in January 2014, Netcraft global survey of the statistics of the 861379152 sites. Among them, the use of Apache Web server site has 358669012, accounting for 41.64% of global market share, rose last month, compared with 0.38%. Share rose Microsoft IIS, up 1.34%. The Nginx and Google current share is declining, especially Google, big drop 1.97%. Nginx fell 0.29%. Below, IDC review network with everyone concerned about the detailed statistical statements: read more

Webmaster network daily broadcast buy off 2859 stations on the storm on the luxury electricity suppl

1 115 SkyDrive closed share is speculation suspected promotion 115 circle

DoNews August 15th news days before SkyDrive announced 115 due to "regulatory policy" factors were forced to shut down the public share function, "SkyDrive 115 dead" point of view and the spread of the industry. DoNews day before the exclusive 115 SkyDrive claimed to receive "superior notice" or for self hype, just as the 115 circle line campaign, while 115 SkyDrive Beijing branch will be big layoffs. read more

Grassroots micro-blog sites suffered survivor independent small if repeat

July 21st, one of China’s first batch of independent micro-blog website to do what network (zuosa.com) officially announced that due to its lack of funds and resources, has decided to transfer the site. "The way we transfer is presented." What to do network CEO Mu revealed that the near future will continue to operate the site, until the acquisition of the right.

In addition to

Zuosa net, net, muttering Fanfou and other domestic involved in the earlier batch of micro-blog’s website has shrunk. When faced with sina, Tencent, NetEase and other portals micro-blog surging tide, some of them closed, some transfer, more in the pursuit of transformation. Independent micro-blog site is facing a crisis of survival. read more

Personal registration of Chinese domain name is a large number of users have been hoarding a lot of

"Chinese personal website will become history", "can not only spend money to buy a bottle of beverage to register a website with the domain name!" yesterday morning at 9, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) off the personal domain name registration, only to the enterprise users. Many netizens sigh, "cheap" domain name registration disappear. However, the reporter learned that the personal registration of Chinese domain names are banned, but the individual users can still register.COM and other international domain names, to achieve the goal of opening a personal website. read more

Ministry of Commerce issued a document to encourage the store to open the shop will organize electri

news (reporter Shen Wei Qing Lin Ling, the Ministry of Commerce) yesterday issued "on promoting the implementation of the views of the application of electronic commerce" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), which proposed ten measures to boost the development of e-commerce enterprises. Which proposed that by 2015, China’s e-commerce transactions to make more than 18 trillion yuan.

will organize the electricity supplier to do online promotions

said the "opinions", to adhere to market-oriented, with enterprises as the main body, the use of market mechanisms to optimize the allocation of resources, the region to develop e-commerce development policies, focusing on the development of retail, cross-border trade of agricultural products, and the service life of the field of electronic commerce. read more

Why Tencent acquisition domain weixin.com way so tortuous

renamed China (eName.cn) April 13th news, today exposed a heavy message, the domain name weixin.com changed to eight digit in today, the domain name has jump 9 seconds community. According to the whois information has been basically follow it, sure that the buyer is Tencent Inc.

figure: domain name weixin.com jump page

by the finding that weixin.com belongs to 9miao.com, the current domain name for the acquisition of Qinglong figure Network Technology Co. Ltd., a WeChat development community, and corporate shareholders in Qinglong figure is Shenzhen City Tong Industrial Investment Fund Limited, the relevant sources, the investment company is an investment company controlled by Tencent. Why Tencent in such a tortuous way to acquire domain name weixin.com? read more

The lottery website to make money shady (a) flicker a black hundreds of thousands

sequence: and a "powerful graph king cooperation alliance SEO lottery Cup" activities, attracted a condemning, wondering in the graph king show, the lottery website too many swindlers, others regard you as a liar site. It’s been too long in this industry. Write out some swindlers website in this industry how money thing, and we exchange.

First of all,

stressed that you do not go to school! Hide again, also can call to catch up. Xuzhou police arrested 4 lottery fraud website operators before January. read more

Qian Hualin generic top-level domain name culture still needs several years

Qian Hualin


technology news May 17th afternoon, Qian Hualin, chief scientist of Chinese Academy of Sciences Computer Network Information Center said today on Sina Technology, generic top-level domain (gTLD) in the cultural work is advancing, the final completion of There’s no telling when can estimate, but it will take years to less.

April 23rd, ICANN announced". China enters into the stage of technical implementation through rapid channel policy review. This also means that after ten years of struggle, the Chinese language can be formally used in the national and regional code top-level domain name (ccTLD). read more

The rise of civil network forces to help countries solve employment difficulties

this year, Chinese college graduates will reach a record 6 million 100 thousand, and by the international economic environment of the macro economy, Chinese employment situation facing the hitherto unknown pressure, in order to alleviate the pressure of employment, employment promotion mechanism, the process of development, as the important part of the introduction of "National skills revitalization plan formulated the grand goal in the near future: 10 years, 100 technicians and support national college staff training center 600 senior technical schools, 800 enterprises and 3000 studio master skills upgrading from hardware and software to build mention, high skilled talents training base and training platform. read more

E lease illegal fund-raising 50 billion! Truth survey false items false three party false guarantee

e rent treasure case, after the media investigation has surfaced, in a year and a half to absorb about 50000000000 yuan of illegal funds, the victims of investors across the country’s 31 provinces. January 14th, the attention of the e rental treasure platform of 21 people involved in Beijing prosecutors approved the arrest.

check e rent treasure

after the investigation, from July 2014 e to December 2015 rent treasure on the line was closed, "Yucheng" related criminal suspects with high interest as bait, fictional leasing project, adopted by the new old, self guarantee etc. a large number of illegal absorb public funds, the cumulative transaction amounted to about 70000000000 yuan. Police initially identified, "e rent treasure" the actual absorption of funds more than 500 yuan, involving about 900 thousand investors. read more

2011 online shopping seven economic highlights

pro, the audience post Oh, such a popular word has long been popular in the network, just like online shopping has changed the way we consume, become an integral part of our lives. In 2011, although there are also some "disharmonious" event, due to fraud and security problems of the network shopping market more and more, resulting in a decline in consumer confidence has become the main obstacle to payment and logistics problems in rapid development of online shopping market outside the block. But in this year, we can see that the rapid development of China’s online shopping economy. Next, we will take a look at the inventory of domestic online shopping in 2011, the seven aspects of the economy: read more

Burn is the transition period of cross-border electricity supplier parcel tax free Nengcheng long

The implementation of

system has become a new cross-border cross-border electricity supplier in a new round of war burn. According to the cross-border tax deal, including food and beverage, milk powder, diapers and other commodity prices compared with the previous tax increases, many cross-border electronic business platform for the opportunity to play "tax package" brand to attract consumers. Insiders said that the essence of "tax package" is to let consumers, enterprises to attract users to expand market share. After the tax reform, cross-border electricity subsidy war is inevitable, but will only be short-term behavior. read more

Buy network LivingSocial traffic over Groupon did not turn into revenue

August 26th news, according to foreign media reports, the largest group to buy Groupon LivingSocial network traffic has exceeded Groupon. According to the U.S. Internet traffic monitoring agency ComScore data show that the largest Groupon clone LivingSocial independent access to more than Groupon.

but don’t be fooled, this does not mean that LivingSocial has become the largest buy site, because the site’s revenue is still relatively small. But as a buy site, the current traffic is impressive. So there are two new questions: why is the big LivingSocial traffic but less revenue? The gap between the 2 read more

Buy site by the Philippine island of Huangyan in the event of a day to push the hype

in the Philippines Huangyan Island incident to buy the site to bring the theme of speculation. Yesterday, a group buying site launched a day tour Huangyan buy lottery, all of a sudden attracted nearly 70 thousand users involved. However, the industry believes that affected by a variety of factors, the current Huangyan island tourism is basically impossible. The site is also closed in the afternoon yesterday, the group bought.

was attracted nearly 70 thousand people

"while running, waving the five-star red flag, and then stop staring at the vast blue in the red." Yesterday morning, a group buying site launched a day tour Huangyan buy lottery, sought after by users, all of a sudden attracted nearly 70 thousand people involved. But there are also netizens question, how to go to Huangyan island? An unsafe? read more

Pharmaceutical companies have entered into a micro vendor to sell tea

[Reuters] news billion state power in May 7th, early in April this year, the correct medicine to enter the micro business news began to spread, but the billion state power network has learned, the actual current leading pharmaceutical business is in the micro correction around the subsidiary, and non Pharmaceutical Group headquarters.

view billion state power network related news, the earliest public involved in derivative correction subsidiary company is located in Hangzhou "health drinks company, public information, correction of health drinks company was founded in March 2014, headquartered in Hangzhou, mainly engaged in health drink, health drink, health industry and related investment business operations. The public announcement of the news said that the derivative product modification group to health care, health, health, slimming products. read more

A confession letter from the trash site

      when the first project in college time is to deceive the QQ chat room tens of thousands of Internet users. QQ online chat room average daily traffic of tens of thousands of people, millions, a female QQ in Riga advertising address form and we use QQ chat room men love women see this characteristic made out data, to obtain a high flow rate, the first wealth is Wangzhuan my life.

visitors – look at the QQ in the chat room of the personal information – found that the site – enter the site – mobile phone advertising registration – website profit. Features: high flow (a QQ can enter the three chat rooms, a chat room one day traffic in the tens of thousands of times, a machine can hang 30 chat rooms, that is to say a machine every day propaganda object is about 300 thousand people, but every 10-20 has a talent will be go to the site to attract. Because the QQ chat room crowd is lonely crowd, natural beauty advertising or mobile phone registration of the registration of the ratio of the advertising than ordinary people to be about 30 times higher. I registered a mobile phone registered Wangzhuan alliance advertising, registered every day is not a lot, 200 months. The daily income is 1000. Due to the relatively low technical content, a lot of people see also done, the income is relatively low. I want to continue to force the Wangzhuan way deceive users more advanced. read more