Illegal erection of online games profit eventually punished by law

Gao Jiangbin, Wang Chao and Zhou Lvbing and other 3 network illegal access to network game master, "pirate king ONLINE" and renamed "51 pirate king", rent servers on the Internet illegal operators to make profits. The day before, the Jingan court to the crime of copyright infringement and sentenced Gao Jiangbin 3 people every 3 years imprisonment, suspended for 3 years, and fined 50 thousand yuan each. This is the city’s first criminal case of infringement of copyright caused by the theft of Internet applications. read more

National Day of mourning all the webmaster action!

although we are not the mainstream site, although we are just a small site, but we are using our actions, in our simplest way!

all the webmaster action, with our most simple way to mourn 5· 12 Wenchuan earthquake victims.

(list only part)

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5.19-5.21 according to the documents of the State Council, as a national day of mourning, during this period, the national and foreign institutions Xiaban Qi, stop public recreational activities, the foreign ministry and China’s embassies and consulates set up condolence book. 14:28 on May 19th, the National People’s silence for 3 minutes, then the car, train, ship whistle, air raid sirens. Many grassroots web sites will be changed into white station. Chinese and suggested that all sites changed to white. The State Council decided to May 19th to 21 for the national mourning day read more